LOVE TIP  – Monday October 8th, 2012

I was touched by the simplicity and the depth of this saying… started me reflecting on the many little “extra” things that people do for me each day……and all the hundreds…… no thousands…. of other things I experience other people doing in the world everyday….that makes one amazing and wondrous world!!

As well as the real world the virtual worlds of blogging and Facebook are excellent places to see this. I am blessed to belong to some different groups of generous and courageous and most definitely talented and creative and beautiful souls……..people who regularly share many gifts with their readers, with me….so many stories of “ordinary” everyday life, yet as well, so full to overflowing of that little “extra“….. Yes I say it again…what an amazingly wondrous and rich world that I/we live in!

Do you know when I think about it I acknowledge you all – if you are reading this then as far as I am concerned you have The X-Factor. You are a Star. You Shine. You Sparkle. You care about ‘things of the heart’. You care about LOVE and kindness and positivity and it matters to you that the people around you are happy and feeling cared for. You and your actions matter to me and do you know I bet you matter to veritable truck loads of other people who think you have The X-Factor!!

To me the The X-Factor is that little “extra” – the touches, smiles, kind words, listening ears, honest compliments and the trillion other small acts of caring that happen in any one day……

This picture catches all this for me……my daughter Freea so regularly nourishes and cares for me…….she so often lifts my spirits just by being her…paying attention to me, caring for me, knowing what I like and what is important for me and doing it. How blessed is this grateful adoring Mummy……

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~ Leo Buscaglia.

Focusing on the little “extra” is the way to create your life as extraordinary…..and if aren’t experiencing life in that way my challenge is for you to check out where you are looking and what you are looking for.

Become a ♥LOVE-finder instead of a fault- finder.

……. Look at your partner or ‘the other’ with curiosity and new eyes, listen with new ears, as if you’ve never seen or heard them before……. Find something in them that delights you, something that you adore about them…….And definitely do this for those people you find it hard to do it with…….

If finding delight feels too much of a stretch then look for what you can appreciate/acknowledge/value/are grateful for about the other. Then do this daily. Keep focused on what you find right about them rather than what’s wrong.

For any relationships to succeed there needs to be a rich climate of positivity – a commitment to Zero Negativity! We do have the ♡TOOLS, the strategies/processes and the coaching for you to create X-Factor relationships. We are all connected and all that we do does make a difference and has a consequence and an impact. Our world and our future depends on all our relationships.

In every relationship what you do does make a difference! Your LOVE-ing matters!

Gratefully and with LOVE and Blessings to you, Susie