Hello and Good Morning!! Hear me singing to you:

Oh what a beautiful mornnnnnnnnnnnning 

Oh what a beautiful daaaaaaaay

I’ve got a wonderful feelinnnnnnnnnnnng

Everything’s going my way….

“How many lives can you touch in just one day♥ Make your influence a positive one.” 

I found these words on a new site I was looking at yesterday – http://www.facebook.com/ilovechakra#!/ilovechakra♥sk=wall&closeTheater=1 and was so touched by what I read about what they do and what they are sharing with the world. It is so special how their selling products and services is about being heart-centred. I saw a reference the other day to the difference between ‘hard-sell’ and ‘heart sell’ and they are very definitely in the business of ‘heart-sell’…..I guess when I am reflecting one of the reasons it impacted me is because it is of uppermost importance to me as well in my business. Connecting from my heart to yours….

So I am delighted and so excited and feeling truly grateful to all the courageous souls who have opened their hearts and jumped onboard our 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN –

30 Day Being-Love Campaign - Your Loving Matters

WooHoooooooooooooooo!! June 1st is the official start date… I’m so grateful for the ripples of love that have already started just from people stating their intentions in the Comments on the Blog ….all the ways people are being willing to stretch their caring and loving for the people that matter to them.

People have come from a few different places in the world…mostly from Australia and the US…. It’s the first day of June already in Australia yet it is still the last day of May here in the United States. It’s very interesting living my life and working ‘across’ two countries…..it’s like I have a bridge permanently between the two worlds…or maybe it’s like having a foot in both worlds… ‘My Australian day’ starts usually about 3pm my time here in Seattle – in Australia that’s 8am on the east coast and 6am on the west coast – and it’s already tomorrow – LOL! Every now and then I sit musing about this…….but not too seriously…..

Back to our 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN – my BLC as I’m calling it!! To me that stands for my BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN as well as my BEING-LOVE COMMUNITY as we are all in this together. ….When someone shares about someone LOVING them and how LOVED they feel it leads me to feeling more LOVE just hearing about it…..and it then
reminds me and energizes and inspires me to be more LOVING as well…. ripples of LOVE :O)….  that’s touching and influencing other people’s lives in a positive way…. 

So here’s some TIPS FOR BEGINNING NEW THINGS to support you starting any new project. Reminding yourself of these can help to keep you on track – they are
all TOOLS in our Communication TOOLBOX/TREASURE CHEST which I describe in the post in the Blog on Monday 14th March 2011 –



There is a heart in the bottom of our TOOLBOX/TREASURE CHEST to remind us that using any TOOLS from the heart and not just our head gives us a much higher chance that the TOOLS will work effectively.

We always have in mind that our job is to connect to the heart of the other. CONNECTION is our most important goal. We don’t use the TOOLS with the primary goal being to get ‘the other’ to behave or act in the way we want them to…we use them so that we can behave in a way that is loving and caring of ourselves, ’the other’ and our

For starters we can use the following TOOLS:

  • Little things make a big difference…starting with baby steps….and just keeping on extending ourselves bit by bit, day by day, step by step….’I can do it
    … microMOVEments
  • Choose to take ‘SMART’ steps

–       being SPECIFIC about how we will act differently with the person we are focusing on

–         setting  ourselves a goal that we can MEASURE and thus we can assess whether we have done it or not

–         making it ACHIEVABLE – DO-able and realistic

–         making it RELEVANT to the goal we want to achieve

–         TIME LIMITED – set ourselves a daily time schedule

    • Put it in the POSITIVE (eg: A minimum of once each day I do _________ that makes ‘my friend’ feel noticed and that they are important to me instead of describing it by saying I am not neglecting or not ignoring my friend)
    • Give myself “L- Plates” (Learner plates) or another idea is “Training Wheels” – it is OK to be a bit wobbly as I am learning and practising new ways of being and even sometimes we may “crash” and make mistakes
    • Each time I have a go at a new way of behaving it is An Experiment.
    • The ACTIONS I take create the RESULTS I get

      The ACTIONS I take create the RESULTS I get. So if I want different RESULTS check out the ACTIONS I have done and ‘tweak them’, do something different and notice what happens.

    • Quit doing what doesn’t work. Quit doing more of the same. You know the quote that goes something like “insanity is doing the same  thing over and over and expecting something different……”
    •  Keep doing what does work!
    • Remember we are in the process of creating new LOVE MUSCLES and HABITS – and change doesn’t happen overnight and takes time and practice, practice, practice – Repetition – doing it over and over and over…..
    • Be intentional and have integrity – choose what we going to DO and DO what we say we are going to do
    • Be unattached to how the person you are focusing on receives your gifts of care and loving…..make what you do/give unconditional
    • Associate your new tasks with ROUTINES you already have
      – brush my teeth, go kiss my partner; turn on my computer, send them a loving email; come home from work, give her a warm hug……Associate your new loving acts with an aspect of your routine and they are more likely to become automatic – especially important for men who are more creatures of Routine.
    • We will be stretching out of our comfort zone – it might even feel NOT like who ‘we are’!
    • Using all of your senses visualize a picture of how your new relationship will look like..imagine it like you are taking new photos or a video – click, click, click…..

As well, I recommend checking out the pages of this blog at the beginning of February when we were at the Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat in Kerala – I talk a lot about change and the steps and TOOLS that help.



– supportive cheer leaders you can call on when you need them…Ask for help from friends; reach out to others. We all need people to support us and mirror and validate us. Both in person and put it out to the social media networks you are part of or request it of this BEING-LOVE COMMUNITY.  I’m just new to Facebook and it is interesting
to me to see how little people ask for validation and support for their projects or what is important to them as a person……………………….                              Now that the 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN has officially started I can turn my attention back to writing more posts on the blog and I request those of you participating sending in how it goes for you as it is amazing the ripples that happen from one person’s sharing. Know that your experience has the potential to touch many lives in just one day. My hunch is that for those of you doing the 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN it will take you  to places you would not have imagined….

  • walk the heart path......

    May you all be feeling happy, nurtured and important…… and Happy Experimenting and growing…With DeLIGHT and gratitude, Susie xx


    “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.

    But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”   Sarah Ban Breathnach

    “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” ~Zig Ziglar

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. It’s better if you keep moving.” Einstein

    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all
    the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi