♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Wednesday December 7, 2011

Hellooooooooo Folks,

Shelton and I flew out of Melbourne this evening for SYDNEY . Unfortunately we will only have Monday to play and enjoy beautiful Sydney as our visit is to attend a 4-Day training program with DALE  BEAUMONT – http://www.dalebeaumont.com/

The program is called “PROFILE ACCELERATOR” and we were attracted to his work because of his outstanding expertise and ability with regard to writing books and coaching in all aspects of how to use writing as a medium to get your message out. I’m sure after attending a full day with him in PERTH a few months ago that we will learn a huge amount more than just that…we will keep you updated….

Following on from the last post sharing of Mary Anne Radmacher’s work…..and the themes of living with intention and living and ♥LOVE-ing as if this moment is all there is…………I thought it was time to give you another of the exercises from the Making Australia Happy program


as written about on the ♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Friday November 11, 2011  

                                                 and ♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday November 17, 2011

It’s writing A ♥GRATITUDE LETTER (as seen on their  website which you can refer to if you need more details)

You think of someone who has made a major positive difference in your life but who has never properly been thanked. It could be an old teacher, your first boss, a long-lost friend, or someone who is still in your life.

Think about the impact this person had on you and write a letter of gratitude. What, specifically, are you grateful for♥ How were you benefited, what did you learn, and how did it make you the person you are today♥  If possible, arrange to visit this person and read the letter aloud to them. Otherwise you can post or email the letter to them, and perhaps follow up with a phone call.


You can write the letter any way you like. It is recommended that you actually read it aloud face to face to the person if possible, or you can visit them face to face and then hand them the letter to read themselves whilst you stand there. If personal delivery in a gratitude visit is not possible then you can mail, fax, or email the letter. You might then follow up by making a phone call.

If for some reason those options are not possible then you might like to read it aloud as if they were listening. You might like to do this at a special place or location, one that has strong memories for you. Some people find it helpful to keep the letter for a period of time (say one week) and read it everyday for that time.

You may find it helpful to write about the following things:

1. Why you are writing this letter.

2. What you are grateful for. Be as specific as possible.

3. Describe the things you are grateful for in concrete terms

4. Describe how their behaviour affected you, how you benefited, what you learnt.

5. Allow yourself to really be in touch with the feeling of gratitude as you write.

6. Read and re-read the letter to ensure that it really captures your thoughts and feelings.

7. Set a time and day to go on your gratitude visit.

8. Make the visit. For many people this is the hardest part, but it is also the most beneficial

MIRRORING PRACTICE: share about the impact of doing this exercise with someone using the MIRRORING format or by writing about it for a minimum of 5 minutes…..

Looking forward to hearing of your experience. Sounds like a really profound exercise. Gratefully, LOVE  Susie.

a SARK ♥hug....

To those of you doing the 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign give yourself a big SARK hug of appreciation for all the good LOVE-ing that you are doing for this last week. Thinking of you……
and sending arms-full of support and admiration…..and of course much LOVE and SARK hugs to all…..