LOVE TIP  – Friday February 3, 2012


Today I want to acknowledge and admire all the beautiful Ones who have signed up for the FEBRUARY 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign – My heart is full thinking of you all…….

You can check out this great group on our Institute for Relationship Development Facebook page…..They have said a big YES! to sharing their ♥LOVE for the month. It’s exciting and energizing to be part of a virtual community of all the wonderful dear hearts participating…if you haven’t joined yet I extend an invitation to you to come join in the ♥LOVE fest….Our ♥LOVE-ing is changing the world. It’s OK to start at anytime….Join in by stating your intention on the Facebook page or on the 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign page on the blog.

Some of the stories I have heard from people participating both in this one and in previous 30 Days Being-♥LOVE are so amazing….I want everyone to experience the delights and JOY of giving and receiving deeper ♥LOVE so I encourage you to re-consider if you haven’t yet said YES to join us ….When many people gather together with a common goal and a powerful intention for ♥LOVE amazing things happen….all things are possible……

 You are LOVE♥

You are LOVABLE♥

[photo courtesy Cafe Gratitude]

LOVE is not just the way I feel. Its the way I behave.

♥”What I was hiding deep inside, You brought out into the Light” ~ Rumi♥

May you be experiencing each new day, each new moment as a blessing…..and may you enter more deeply into being in ♥LOVE with yourself and others on each new day this fabulous February. Much love and appreciation, Susie♥