DAILY LOVE TIP – Friday August 12, 2011

Hello Gorgeous Ones,

Here’s a great message from the most lovely SARKwww.planetsark.com ……. I wonder how much you can feel inside you that this is true for you….Is there anything inside you that needs your attention to feel this fully from the top of your head right down to the tip of your toes♥…………….

And…… here’s an invitation to be a bit ‘silly’ and playful……..reading any of the books from the towering pile that make up SARK’s works is one way to get in touch with the FUN and PLAYFUL side of you… her books are sprinkled with delightJOY, creativity, Lightness, colour,  and her undeniable ‘SARK-ness’……. yet don’t for a moment discard them as frivolous and childish as her wisdom and knowledge is deep and inspirational…..

Here’s a Challenge for today: FuN fRiDAy – choose say 3 of  SARK’s instructions on HOw TO Be ReAllY ALiVe! that you like on the poster above and have some FuN by doing them over the weekend. Notice how it is for you – easy, hard, impossible…..JOY-full, Delight-Full, playFull…….just noticing all there is to notice…..

MIRRORING TOPIC: being silly, being playful, having FuN….…………………………..      {for a description on the TOOL of mirroring see DAILY LOVE TIP – Saturday July 9, 2011   ♥Mirroring – giving quality attention & deep heart listening}

HOW TO Be ReAllY ♥ALiVe!

live juicy. stamp out conformity.
stay in bed all day. dream of gypsy
wagons. find snails making love.
develop an astounding appetite for books.
drink sunsets. draw out your feelings.
amaze yourself. be ridiculous. stop
worrying. now. if not now, then when♥
make YES your favourite word. marry
yourself. dry your clothes in the sun.
eat mangoes naked. keep toys in the
bathtub. spin yourself dizzy. hang  
upside down. follow a child. celebrate
an old person. send a love letter to your
self. be advanced. try endearing. invent
new ways to love. transform negatives.
delight someone. wear pajamas to a
drive in movie. allow yourself to feel
rich withouth money. be who you truly
are and the money will follow. believe
in everything.

You are always on your way to a miracle………..

THe MiRAcle is ♥YOU.

SARK and GeM and   SuSie all like swinging which is todays’ Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things…..

as SARK says– Swing ecstatically into your new life….& Let Pleasure be primary!

By the way when you have a go at doing your great FUN things do take some photos or like SARK do a drawing and send it to share with us all……

Sending much LOVE from a playful and swinging Susie…..and GeM sends a big kiss too!