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Perth – 1-Day Workshop: Why Women Talk and Men Walk

November 16, 2014 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm UTC+0

1-Day Workshop 

Why Women Talk and Men Walk

 or How to Improve Your Relationship without Talking About It

Presented by Dr STEVEN STOSNY 

Revitalize Your Relationship

Informative. Empowering. Practical.

An intensive 1-Day Workshop which includes research from neurophysiology and gender science and the tools from the book Steven co-authored with Dr Patricia Love: How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking about It:  Finding Love Beyond Words.

Women Talk Men Walk

You will learn how to keep passion alive past the infatuation/romance stage and in all stages of life.  Steven will show why “relationship talk” often does NOT help and learning to connect without words is the answer to committed relationship happiness.

What Pat and Steven are saying in essence is that love is not about better communication.

It’s about connecting without words

The stunning truth about love is that talking rarely helps when you are out of connection and there are more powerful ways for couples to connect.

This critically acclaimed work shows how biological differences in the way the sexes experience FEAR and SHAME are underneath most couples’ fights and their growing apart. Most men dread: “Honey, we need to talk”. This is because the usual reason the woman wants to talk is because they are upset about something and want to feel better. Men don’t want to talk because talking won’t make them feel better. In fact it will usually make them feel worse!

The real reason that the woman wants to talk about what is upsetting her – which often is delivered as a frustration, criticism, complaint, nagging or the like which is accompanied by an energy of disappointment and resentment – is that the disconnection she feels leads her to feeling anxious, and on a deeper level, isolated and afraid and what she really wants is to feel close to him.

And the real reason the man doesn’t want to talk about the relationship is that he thinks that she wants to tell him yet again that he’s failing her. Her dissatisfaction with him makes him feel inadequate and like a failure and on a deeper level he feels ashamed.

And on top of that
– his shame is too great to allow him to understand her fear,  and
– her fear stops her from experiencing and understanding his shame.

This creates such a cycle of hurt and pain. And we all know how very hard it is to recognize and be sensitive to our partner’s vulnerability when we are wrapped up in our own!

The number one cause for the soaring divorce rate and/or separation is the male-female disconnection. Some 80% of divorcees say they “grew apart”. This is so tragic because it’s unnecessary. They are not disconnected because they have poor communication; they have poor communication because they are disconnected. In the beginning of the relationship, when they felt connected they communicated easily and often quite deeply. Couples talk then for hours on end. They felt emotionally connected to each other.

Your committed relationship / marriage can fail with neither of you doing anything wrong! This different ways that men and women cope with  fear and shame – both unconscious emotions – are ultimately responsible for poor communication, intimacy problems, addictions, affairs, abuse, and most divorce.

The book and the Workshop has two parts – PART I:
– broken connection: fear and shame;
– why we fight;
– The Silent Male:
– what he’s thinking and feeling;
– the worst thing a woman does to a man;
– the worst thing a man does to a woman;
– and how fear and shame lead to infidelity and divorce.

Part II: Using your Fear and Shame to Create Love Beyond Words:
– how to recognize hidden fear and shame
– developing binocular vision
– forget feelings, think motivation
– the only connection skill you need: protect-and-connect
– when sex talks, who needs words?
– Power Love Formula: 4¾ minutes a day to a powerful relationship
– A great chapter written by Steven for men – Man to Man on how to strengthen your relationship without becoming a woman.

You will learn how to develop closer connection and really understand why your “relationship talks” don’t work.

This innovative workshop shows how to strengthen your relationship by creatively using the same unconscious emotions that would otherwise destroy it, if allowed to run their course.

You will learn the different strategies Men and Women need to be in relationship to the opposite sex and fully understand why.

For Men:

      Understand that your woman has a dread of feeling alone and out of contact with you.

      You provoke anxiety in her through withdrawing, emotionally cutting off or controlling.

      Your woman criticizes you because she wants to get closer to you. Her complaint is really a plea for connection!

      Women are designed to connect – when they cannot connect they feel fear

      When a woman feels fear which is physiologically PAINFUL she wants to move closer



For Women:

      Stop nagging your man to open up, feel and communicate.

      The thing that makes your man happiest and feel most successful is that you are happy and that his deepest desire is to protect and provide for his loved ones.

      Men automatically suffer low self-value when they fail to protect loved ones no matter how successful they are in other areas of life!

      When a man cannot protect and provide he feels like a failure.

      His sense of failure which is physiologically PAINFUL evokes a  shame response

      When a man feels shame he has to move away

This Workshop has our highest recommendation and everyone will benefit from learning these ideas and skills that work.

Participants will receive 3 recorded WEBINARS with Drs. Stosny and Love.

For both singles and couples and professionals.


DATE: Sunday, 9 November 2014 | TIME: 9:30am – 5:30pm

VENUE: Habitat Uniting Church [formerly The Augustine Centre]

2 Minona Ave, Hawthorn VIC 3122


DATE:  Sunday 16 November, 2014 | TIME: 9:30am – 5:30pm

VENUE:  St Catherine’s College – 2 Park Rd, Crawley WA 6009


$250 per person EARLYBIRD OR earlybird special
$275 after October 21st

$425 with partner EARLYBIRD OR
$475 after October 21st

GROUP RATES are also available – call Shelton on 0477 141 069

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Many Thanks for your registration and looking forward to welcoming you.
Call Shelton on 0477 141 069 or email shelton77750@icloud.com if you have any questions.



November 16, 2014
9:30 am - 5:30 pm UTC+0
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St Catherine’s College
2 Park Rd
Crawley, WA 6009 Australia
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