DAILY LOVE TIP – Monday July 11, 2011

Go give someone a HUG right now – if you aren’t able to give one in person forward one of these paper hugs to them or print one off and leave it on their pillow, fridge, computer, on car windscreen wipers or somewhere obvious for them or make it into a HUG paper plane and fly it to them……..

 Questions for you: Who needs you to give them a HUG today♥ Who has been missing your HUGS♥ Who do you need to give you a HUG♥ What sort of HUGS do you like best♥ Is hugging easy for you to give and take♥ Do you consider yourself a hugger♥ Do you feel comfortable touching people♥  

Hugging would be a great topic to choose to share about in the MIRRORING exercise from yesterday. It is amazing how many things we don’t know about each other……how important it is to take the time to just ‘hang out’ together……

As I start thinking about hugging it takes me back to my days as a university student when I started meeting people who hugged. We didn’t hug in my family as I was growing up and………as I’m writing this I realize this is something I haven’t shared with Shelton yet…….I’ll go and do that sharing with him right now and another day I’ll write about how I learned to HUG – yes learned – I haven’t always known how!………

There’s many types of HUGS and a lovely little book to explore all about them (where the Polar bear HUGS above come from) is The Little Book of Hugs by Kathleen Keating

Imagine me placing my arms around you and holding you gently in a warm and tender HUG, with LOVE Susie♥♥

 “A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away” ~ Bill Keane

“Sometimes it’s better to put LOVE into hugs than to put it into words”  ~Author Unknown