DAILY LOVE TIP – Saturday August 20, 2011

Dear ♥Readers, I am doing an experiment to see what are the kinds of things that stand out for you, impact you, touch you, are important to you. I’m curious as well as it informs me in my objective to serve you better.

Question for you: what is a special moment that stood out for you yesterday or today♥ Please share either in the Comment box below or on Facebook on the Institute for Relationship Development Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/InstRelDev where the blog is also posted.

A simple game that is a great one to play with others is what is your HIGH and what is your LOW for the day. Some may have seen the family in the movie “The Story of Us”  doing this sharing around the dinner table. It’s also a great one for couples to do each day or any relationship where you want to get to know each other…

Shelton and I have done this as a night-time ritual lying in bed for a couple of years. It is very interesting to hear what he chooses as well as seeing what I come up with – I don’t usually know until I start reflecting…it’s a great process……

 ……..out of all the things that happen in a day what is it that stands out for you♥……♥

Like I’m just reflecting now and sorting through many, many things that have been significant – and today was special for lots of reasons……one HIGH was my brother and sister and their partners visiting and sharing dinner with us tonight – which was of extra importance as it doesn’t happen very often…….and yet sifting and sorting the thing that was my HIGH was the first mouthful of the raw cacao mint ‘cheesecake’ liberally sprinkled with cacao nibs and goji berries that I made tonight – it was sooooooo smooth and delicious – such an amaaaaaazing taste – it is generally one that we have in our freezer for everyday nibbles…..yet we have been without this particular one for a couple of weeks and mmmmmmmmmmmm – yum!

Now there is part of me that is embarrassed to share that is my HIGH for the day and not something far more esoteric and elevated and scholarly and relational! Yet that is it :O)!

Now if you want to explore and share further a way you can do this when you are with someone who is willing to MIRROR you is that you ask them to be there for you as you explore what is important about that for you….They do this by giving you their undivided attention and cross the bridge into your world……. It is always amazing what emerges and what you discover about yourself and them about you as you do this together….

MIRRORING TOPIC: share and have ‘the other’ MIRROR you for a minimum of 5 minutes what is important for you about the HIGH that you’ve chosen. You can do it with the LOW as well if you like. Then switch and you MIRROR them.

 Todays’ Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things…..has to be that amazing raw cacao mint ‘cheesecake’…..if you want the recipe I’m happy to share…..by the way it is a very healthy thing to be eating as cacao and goji berries are very, very high on the list of the S-U-P-E-R-F-O-O-D-S to eat everyday!!

Indulging, relishing, savouring and delighting in the cheesecake as well as imagining the sorts of things you Dear ♥Readers might share…..looking forward to hearing your choices, ♥LOVE Susie.

      Wisdom Cards – Affirmations – Louise Hay