LOVE TIP – Monday 14th, 2012 


I have found that Inspiration and Encouragement can come in many forms and from many different sources and arrive when we are least expecting it………….

Spirit is generous!…. Like, for example just a couple of hours ago I came out of a meeting with my assistant where we were discussing and planning our 90 Day Action Plan for our business. I was feeling generally unclear and overwhelmed with all the tasks to do with regards to re-designing our business to take a new direction which includes new branding, creating a new website, designing new courses – both face-to-face and webinars and e-courses, new brochures, etc, etc, etc, etc…..all of this happening at the same time as continuing in our regular day-to-day business tasks as well as planning for our upcoming Events……….”It’s too much, can’t do it……..”  a voice in my brain is telling me……….”let’s just go on with what we have always done…….”

So with these words noisily in my head I turn to check my emails and right there at the top of the Inbox is my daily Biz Tip of The Day: “Success is like an airplane: most of the energy is spent getting off the ground”….Hilton Johnson……..Oh thank you. I remember we’ve done it all before. We CAN get off the ground again…….. 🙂

AND as well as being open to messages and gifts from Spirit it is also good to have a store of Resources that inspire and motivate us when we most need it when our brain and feelings have shut down to seeing the possibilities and the positive and the clear path of direction ahead of us……..

There seems to be lots going on for people right now……As well as my own challenges I’m in touch with many people (both in my personal life and professionally) who are currently facing many difficult hardships (some of them life-threatening even)……….and others undertaking a range of tasks and projects to re-design and re-build their lives and relationships in many different ways so I thought it was timely to focus on the topic of Inspiration.

What and who are the resources, books, strategies, people, TOOLS that you turn to that nurtures and feeds you when things feel impossible / stuck/ bogged-down/overwhelming /off-track / despairing/…… Feeling helpless/ hopeless/ like giving up/ like giving in / weighed down……….♥

I would value this being a collaboration – like me sharing some ideas and you sharing too so that we can come up with a collection of Resources and bright ideas we can all turn to when we need some energy, encouragement, inspiration, enthusiasm, motivation………support……

My beautiful daughter Freea [who like me is an avid collector of quotes] and I have shared this favourite quote  from Lewis Carroll for many years…..which has delighted and inspired and reminded us …Encouraged us. Enthused us……. Made us laugh…… Set us back on track…. you know THOSE times when things are feeling like they are stacking up or there are tasks that feel daunting and sometimes like very high mountains to climb….like you will need every bit of your motivation and determination and spirit and resources behind you…..

……..sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!!!!! would stand out……..and ring in my ears…………as I read the quote in messages from her……[she actually had it on the footer on her email for a while]……. which would get me to thinking:…..Oh well, one ‘impossible task‘ is certainly do-able!!

Question for you: What inspires and motivates you when you are stuck/ bogged-down/overwhelmed /off-track / despairing/…… Feeling helpless/ hopeless/ like giving up/ like giving in / weighed down……….♥

MIRRORING PRACTICE: Share your responses with another and have them ♥MIRROR you for a minimum of 5 minutes and then swap, or write about it in your journal. And then share with us in the comments below.

So one thing that inspires me is Quotes which I have a large collection of………and another is hearing about inspiring people and their Stories so here’s a treat for you: Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation! – Never, Ever Give Up. 

Please read more of Arthur’s story here.

I look forward to receiving links to your favourite inspiring stories.

Imagining you surrounded by positive, uplifting energy…….. ♥Blessings to you, ♥LOVE Susie.