DAILY LOVE TIP – Friday August 5, 2011

Hello all you beautiful souls out there,

I’ve had a song playing in my head in the background today……I’m not sure how come it showed up as I haven’t heard it recently which is usually what happens for a tune to play over and over inside me……..do you do that too♥ And it is one of My ♥favourite things…..so maybe some deeper part of me is just giving me a message to remind me to include it on my list…………The song is What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.




So many beautiful images in this simple little song…. lots that are on My ♥favourite things…..list…….. Hey I’m giving you a LOVE-ing ‘nudge’ if you haven’t started your list…. please do so as it is having a profound effect on me and my energy. It is best to do it in some visual form – engaging the right creative brain as well as dipping deeper into your memories of pleasure……….

There’s lots of different versions on YouTube if you want to indulge and check them out. I liked that the following one included the lyrics:



Today has been rich…..It’s amazing for me as I look back over my day – I’m doing this  DAILY LOVE TIP in the evening time today……how many wonderful things happen in just one day……..I love the quote above by Marcel Proust which reminds me to look through the eyes of LOVE and how when I do that everything changes…..can even be in an instant!

Gem – my Wise Inner Bear – and Sophie and I had some fun exploring some of our favourite places here at Warm Fuzzy Hill today…..Today was a crisp, clear blue-sky winter day….and the sun was shining after days of rain and the earth was feeling so alive with such abundant growth everywhere…….. 

As some of you know…..Gem and Sophie adore pretty well all flowers and playing in them…so they found this great sour sob patch at the end of the ♥Heartpath and just had to sit in the middle of it…..

Now it was only a few days ago Shelton was about to ‘swoop in’ and get rid of all these ‘messy unsightly weeds’…..bless his heart…fortunately I was around and ‘shrieked’ at him to stop after he had started on one section of it….

Well in days gone by he would have argued and tried to convince me of my folly but now he looks through the eyes of ♥LOVE and sees the beauty I see…..or maybe he is just indulging me – and indulge me he does mind you, as I do the same with dandelions in Seattle and he leaves a corner of the ‘lawn’ for them to grow and blossom in which is a great s-t-r-e-t-c-h for him in his beautifully coiffeured lawn……

This is a great illustration of checking out which eyes we are looking through……..He thinks they are weeds to be gotten rid of ……Me, I just love these delightful little sour sob flower heads on long stalks which follow the sun….I just looked them up on Wikipedia and they are also known as Soursob, Bermuda buttercup, African wood-sorrel, Bermuda sorrel, Buttercup oxalis, Cape sorrel, English weed, Goat’s-foot, Sourgrass, and Soursop….there’s also stuff on them being a weed which is noxious (read dangerous, toxic, harmful) in some places. But then Gem and I think this is a better way to look at them: 

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”  ~ A.A. Milne
“The Earth laughs in flowers.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

So here I am in a fun and playful sort of way reminding you again of the skill and gift of Re-framing – which eyes are you looking through and is there a different way you could see it♥ Especially if it is disconnecting you to someone you care about.

Question for you: Are you looking through the eyes of  ♥LOVE♥ Who needs you to use your ♥LOVE-ing eyes♥

Grateful for wonder, beauty and weeds – and of course flowers and YOU,  ♥LOVE Susie.