LOVE TIP  – Thursday March 1st, 2012


NAMASTE Dear Ones, 

One of the things that I love about India is how wide-spread and familiar the Namaste greeting is. There’s a real sense of BLESSING each other when you meet…….


And do you know it is feeling strange in some ways to be back here in Kerala at the Resort a year after we last came and to be having many of the same treatments and then going and reading my posts from last year….I’m thinking that maybe what I wrote last year seems even better than what I would/could write now… which seems as I said, strange to me……..:)

Anyway, I want to say some more about today’s treatment – it was the OIL BATH”…… I write a bit about this in the Friday 25th February 2011 post on  Clearing & detoxing on physical, emotional & spiritual levels  

I lie on the “massage” table [see photo on Monday’s post] which is positioned at a slight incline with the head end higher than the feet……and there is a massage lady on each side of me and they pour warmed oil continuously over me for about an hour – starting with sitting up and then lying flat out on my back and then on each side…… going through each position twice……..

Santhe as my main massage therapist leads the processes and as with the herbal waters treatment they start at my shoulders and in unison make a continuous flow of the oil down and then up again on both sides…..often lightly stroking their hand over parts of my body that accentuates the flow and the caring………………..HOW AMAZINGLY H-e-a-v-e-n-l-y!!…. how Divine……..

……I was lying there today thinking of words to describe the texture of the oil and the feeling on my body and in my body….The oil is unlike that used for what I have ever experienced as ‘normal massages’ – so much thicker in consistency and so much more oil is used that you end up totally covered/soaked in it…..The closest description for the texture of the oil I kept coming back to was what I imagine liquid velvet would be like…..

I couldn’t keep my hands off myself….It felt so exquisite to run my hands over my body covered in the slithery oil…….I caress, I stroke….the sensuousness is incomparable and I don’t think anywhere else in my life have I experienced such a feeling in my body….

A certain amount of the oil they pour over you runs off which they scoop up from the end of the table and put it into a pot which goes on a small stove to heat it again……Lying there listening to flow of this also sounds sensuous to me as well……

I feel supremely nurtured, nourished, caressed, taken care of, cherished, treasured and I also feel like it is in some deep way rejuvenating my body as well as my sensuality and my soul……the description that comes to mind is more ultimate BLISS….DELIGHT / PLEASURE…

I wish such an experience for everyone….and do you know what – I’m requesting the same treatment again tomorrow…what a hedonist I am….and loving every minute of being so self-indulgent and decadent! I’m even thinking how I could get Shelton to take some discreet photos…………..

And, I’m happy to report, I AM getting so much better each day at taking ME-Time……What about you♥ Taking time for precious YOU I hope. My sense is we all need to expand our ability to indulge ourselves…….

BLESSINGS and Honouring YOU and wishing ALL GOOD to be bestowed upon you, LOVE, Susie.