LOVE TIP  – Thursday March 22nd, 2012

Warm Greetings dear FRIENDS,

‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’ ~ Henry Miller

Questions for you: Is travelling on your list of things that you do regularly♥ Is visiting new places on your ♥Bucket List♥ What are the ♥Must-See Places on your List and why♥ What is on your ♥Must-Do -List and why♥ What are some of your top travelling experiences♥

MIRRORING PRACTICE: share with someone and have them ♥MIRROR you for a minimum of 5 minutes as you explore the topic of travelling. Then switch and you ♥MIRROR them. Really get to know something new about each other…….And/or share what is on your Where-To List for you♥

For starters on my ♥Must-See Places & Must-Do List are:

♥Attend a Lord of The Dance performance in Dublin, Ireland
♥A performance by Celtic Woman at Slane castle in Ireland
♥A concert with André Rieu in Dublin, Ireland or in Tuscany
♥A tour to visit herb gardens and castles throughout England
♥Lead a Retreat in Bali similar to our Indian Ayurvedic Retreat but raw food based
♥Explore the magical Greek islands of the Mamma Mia movie
♥An Alaskan Cruise departing from Seattle…….

and there’s many, many more……..♥

Travelling is about movement, change, journeying……

Travelling gives us an opportunity to see the world through different eyes – to gain new perspectives…….We experience different ways of living and new customs and rituals and it gives us a new perspective about life and can inspire us to evaluate and question our everyday habits and automatic ways of thinking and acting…. and to change some of our habits and create new ones.

We can try on new and different ways of being/acting – often we go places where the people don’t know us so they won’t put us into the same ‘box’ as the people we are familiar with  – it’s a chance to try on new selves or new parts of ourselves…..we are free to experiment…….maybe you are usually shy and reserved and hold back, maybe not a risk-taker and cautious, maybe you always have to be in the lead or in charge….and so on….. With your family and friends not around you are free from expectations about how you should or should not behave……We can take a big (or little) step outside our comfort zone  – and S-T-R-E-T-C-H into new ways of being…..

It could also be an opportunity to start a new routine/practice – like when we were at the Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala I didn’t drink tea and soy milk and did a daily exercise routine which I have continued and are committing to now at home – Yay!……And Shelton and some others started a daily practice of 1.5 hrs of yoga and meditation…..

When we are travelling we are much more likely to live in the moment – things around us are new and interesting and stimulating….and our brain actually wakes up doing things out of the ordinary…it could be trying new food, doing new activities, having different routines……

Experience of another culture can make us more open-minded leading to more understanding of the reality of others…… or on the other hand it can show up how perceiving a single thing can have multiple meanings………..and can lead to misunderstanding and prejudice…..

All our travelling has left me intently reflecting on the way we see and experience things……  and how our way of seeing/experiencing reality gets shaped and ‘distorted’ by the environment we grow up in and the values and beliefs we are taught …. which leads to the filters/ lens/ perspectives that we view/experience reality through….. which I will expand on in another next post…and it would be great to have input from you with your ideas and ponderings…….. 

When we get home, home is still the same. But are we♥ Something in us can have changed which can have far reaching impacts….

But for now LOVELIES it is off to bed for me….

Sweet dreaming….and Happy Travels wherever you are in our precious world…….LOVE Susie