LOVE TIP  – Friday March 23rd, 2012

Hello ♥Sweetie Pie Plums 🙂

I have much fun in thinking of new ways to say Hello and Goodbye and finding new words of en-Dear-ment to address YOU. What are your favourites♥ This is such a great topic for a: –

MIRRORING PRACTICE: share with someone and have them ♥MIRROR you for a minimum of 5 minutes as you explore the topic of ‘terms of endearment’ and Greetings and Goodbyes – both person to person and in writing exchanges – letters, cards, emails, texts and………..the rest. What are the words you like to be called♥ What words do you use and feel comfortable with♥………..Then switch and you ♥MIRROR them as they share….. ‘Hang out’ with each other to discover something new about yourself and ‘the other’….share some here with us as well…..

This is a post for ♥FuN Friday written on A Sunday – oh well!!…….Poetic license or something like that………..

It’s time right now for a 4.29 Minutes FuN BreaK with A Big Wide Grinning Smile. A Smile that goes right up to your eyes. A Smile that shines out of your face and eyes .….Go right now and check this video out –

WhereThe Hell is Matt♥

……… I ‘stumbled’ across it and was de-LIGHT-ed 🙂 …….apparently he’s been dancing his way around the world making this video [which was made in 2008] after 14 months dancing his way across 42 countries with a cast of thousands……..and now been seen on YouTube 42,119,707 times!!!!

Now if you’re not at least smiling watching this it probably seriously means that you need a holiday and best to stop working straight away…….and start travelling…..or at the very least get up and do a little happy dance……..Aren’t you inspired♥  14 months and 42 countries AND after this trip he was sponsored to do it again… have this much FUN!!

I am inspired to believe that anything and everything is possible after watching this!!!! What are you stopping yourself from doing because you are telling yourself you don’t have enough money, time, __________ insert your reasons……!!!!

Here’s to Sprinkles of SiLLiNeSS and Dancing most LOVELY Ones…………

BYE from an inspired and GRiNNiNG Susie