DAILY LOVE TIP – Tuesday September 6, 2011

Hello ♥Friends,

This is the message I needed to pull out and remember for Tuesday!! If you are a subscriber you have probably got the DAILY LOVE TIP – Monday September 5 post twice! Sorry! …………Let me fill you in what happened…..on Tuesday morning when I opened the blog some sort of who-knows-what-computer/internet/bloggie-gremlins took charge which caused the Monday post to just disappear off my computer screen right in front of my eyes 8 hours after I posted it and I couldn’t retrieve it in the system no matter where I looked and what I did……..Drat!!♥♥…… so I spent a lot of my blog writing time trying to work it out as well as being intimidated about posting anything new………. so I left it and re-posted it Wednesday morning hence your double receiving it……

Why is it that with all the best of intentions and rehearsing and practising there are just some times when we don’t remember that we have all the ♥TOOLS that we need to deal with any mishap♥♥…..Tuesday was just one of those times for me….computer problems and call centres seem to have a particular knack of inducting me into quite primitive ways of responding…..  

So I guess this Tuesday blog needs to be some erudite and eloquent post about not giving up and sticking in there when it all seems to be going wrong and all seems to be out of your control! And the answer is –


So that’s it folks – And don’t believe everything you think!!………

Question for you: where in your life are you stuck or feeling overwhelmed or despairing or like giving up or out of control♥ Check out your thinking and what are you telling yourself about the world and about yourself♥ What thinking do you need to replace it with♥

And I do thank you dear Zoe for your sweet and tender ‘holding of me’ while I was falling apart and despairing at what to do and and feeling so completely overwhelmed and computer incompetent!!

Todays’ Addition to Shelton’s list of ♥favourite things is……playing Sudoku!!

Have a great day – and if you’re not, remember to have a go at changing your thinking…….. and this too shall pass………. and it will be alright tomorrow, ♥LOVE Susie………with a reminder NOTE to SMILE………