DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday August 11, 2011  

Today is the 11th and many years ago I had a good friend Mardi and we had an arrangement that we would make some sort of connection on the 11th day of the month as both of us had very full schedules and a month could easily go by without any contact.

So on the 11th it could be in person, by phone, card, letter or just spending some of the day thinking about the other – it was prior to Facebook and mobile phones and even emails – we’re talking a long time ago here. I can imagine some of you maybe even thinking that sounds like ‘ancient history’ – and was there ever a time when everyone didn’t have access to such ‘normal’ resources :O)…….and yes, it is amazing thinking about how much change there has been in our primary way we interact and connect!! Another topic another time…..

Anyways, we made the 11th as Mardi-&-Susie’s day for years and do you know each month when the 11th comes around usually the day doesn’t pass without me thinking about Mardi and feeling pleasure at the relationship that we had.  And what is even more amazing is we haven’t had actual contact for probably 15 years now!

So two things come to mind here for me:

1)      the strength of an association once it is made and practised

2)      what a very simple and wonderful practice this is for those of you who might want  a structure to give regular attention to someone(s) you care about.

Just imagine doing something similar with your partner (Partner day of the month) or your parent(s), siblings, friends, or even 1 day a month it could be Your Friend’s Day when you devote that day to reaching out and connecting to a different friend each month, or a work colleague. The options are as wide as your imagination.  Obviously to those very close to us one day a month is not sufficient – we need to give daily attention, but then maybe there could be for instance a special Shelton-&-Susie day of the month. What a good idea! I’ll ask him if he would like to share.

And talking about Shelton-&-Susie I am going to take the opportunity to give to the auspicious Shelton a FLOODING ……… (see my ♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday July 7, 2011 for a description on what FLOODING means  – https://susiesheartpathblog.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/%E2%80%9Cflooding%E2%80%9D-affirming-amazing-%E2%99%A5doug/ )

…….for all the SUPPORT he has given me especially on these last 2 days in my big office clean out and say how absolutely………..

Amazingly, Accommodatingly, Awesomely,
Brilliantly and Benevolently,
Compassionately, Caringly, Competently, Co-operatively, Celebratingly, Cleverly,

he’s been……. as well as……

Encouraging, Empathic, Effective, Energetic
Friendly and Flexible
Generous, Gracious and GOOD-♥HEARTED
oh so Helpful and Heroic and Happy
Inventive and Intelligent
Jolly and Joyful
Kind & Knowledgeable
♥LOVE-ing & Loyal
Nurturing and Nifty
Obliging, “On the ball”
Playful and Practical and Protective
Quick-witted and Quick                         
Respectful, Resourceful, Re-assuring,
Strong, Skilfull,
Talented, Thorough and Thoughtful
Untiring, Urbane, Understanding, Unselfish
Vigilant, Vigourous and Valiant
Willing and Wise and Watchful
XXX-tra  X-emplary & X-cellent
Yielding to my opinion – a big one for us in such activities!!
Zealous and full of Zest, Zing and Zeal and you know ♥Shelton – can’t miss Zany!!

And what even tops all of those he cancelled his massage this morning to help –that is an especially gigantic gesture of my darling Shelton as he adores massage and is very committed to weekly visits and our massage lady is going to be on holiday till the beginning of September from now! That is truly above and beyond the call of duty. What a man! What generosity!

One fantastic quality that stood out all day is his bringing me back to celebrating what we had done instead of my lens that kept popping up seeing all that wasn’t yet done…..giving me lots of High 5’s and Celebratory Hugs throughout the day for ALL the Micro-MOVE-ments.

Guess what is my Addition today to my list of Myfavourite things….. my stupendously, spectacularly, splendidly supportive Sweetie SHELTON who I LOVE and adore and cherish. BIG THANKS! – I’m so glad I got a chance to add Shelton to my List in a way that made him stand out – as for me that is who he is! In fact it’s like he is on a List all by himself!

In fact from now on I have just decided that there will be a new 11th of the month for me – I am going to make it SHELTON DAY from now on!

Question for you: Have you flooded a Sweetie of yours in the past month♥ How was it♥

From a very FULL Hearted and grateful and LOVE-d Susie.