DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday August 25, 2011

Helloooooo Special People…..

Questions for you: What gets touched in you when you read these♥ What meaning or where have they been of relevance or to you in your life♥ How do they impact you♥ Share with someone for a minimum of 5 minutes using MIRRORING.

Use them as dialogue starters for you to get to know more about yourself and someone else.  When I offer these exercises I usually suggest you find someone to share with and I do that because sharing with someone else in a safe structure where they ‘cross the bridge into your world’ while suspending their ‘take’ or their ‘story’/ their interpretation on whatever it is you are talking about is always affirming, validating and connecting.

It’s quite amazing how often you will discover not only new information about the other but also about yourself when giving and receiving such quality attention.

 This also works by the way to do these discussions with a partner or a friend over the phone if you are in a long-distance relationship. 

We consider learning ♥MIRRORING & the Imago Dialogue
as essential and non-negotiable
“♥Skill Power, Not Will Power, Is the Key to Success!”
I love this quote by Bob Wilson of http://www.balancedweightmanagement.com/

Todays’ Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things…..Louise Hay and her many books and products. I honour the enormous contribution she has made to healing people’s lives. Here’s another of her wonderful  Wisdom Cards – Affirmations

My gratefulness for the JOY your uniqueness brings to the world….You make a difference, Susie

 START DATE: Thursday 1st SEPTEMBER 2011 for the next 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign

WHO’s THIS FOR♥: Everyone is invited and All Welcome! – This is for YOU – if you are interested in achieving more happiness and loving in your life and in the lives of people you care about…..

Who are you going to choose to focus your LOVE-ing on for the 30 DAYS♥