♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Wednesday November 23, 2011

Hello dear Friends,

The 23rd November is a very important Day as it is –
The Auspicious Occasion of………..
the splendid, spectacular, suave, spirited, sprightly,
 starry, strong, sterling, stimulating, stylish, superb, sunbeamy, sweetieheart –
SHELTON’S 67th Birthday :O)
Yes, he’s turning 67 years young!!!!!…

Everyone A Standing Ovation –
3 Cheers
Hurrah!!! Hurrah!!! Hurrah!!!……….  


Gem and Sophie are here to send him big HAPPITY BIRTHDAY wishes and 

•*¨*•♥♥ ♥H♥A♥P♥P♥Y♥ (¯”•.¸*♥♥♥* ¸.•”¯) ♥B♥I♥R♥T♥H♥D♥A♥Y♥ ♥♥•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*¸.•*¨`*♥♥♥♥T♥O♥♥Y♥O♥U♥♥♥•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Lots of ♥Kisses all over & cuddles to our ‘cugg-ily’, HUG-able, huggy, splendidly wonderful Sweetie-pie ♥SHELTINI who we ♥LOVE and adore ……We are grateful for having you in our life♥♥

It’s also THANKSGIVING on Thursday 24th in America – Shelton was born on Thanksgiving. What a wonderful gift his birth was!

Sending A BIG LOVE-ing HELLO and much gratitude to all our American friends….Yay!! You are TERRIFIC!!

We love this celebration so much that we adopt it here in Australia….I think it is great to have a national holiday where families and friends gather together with an intention to remember and be grateful for all the abundance they have to be thankful for.


There’s a huge amount of research that shows that the greatest predictor for happiness is the quality of your relationships and your social support system.  Human beings are hardwired such that relationships, family, community, and a sense of belonging are key to our well-being. Paying attention to daily improving them is crucial – and having designated days for celebration is a bonus. This is more easily facilitated by having a national holiday as one of people’s biggest reasons why they say they don’t have time is their work or job.

Marci Shimoff – http://www.happyfornoreason.com/ – sent the following in her e-newsletter – An ♥Appreciation Feast for Thanksgiving – which I thought I’d like to share with you as it contains components that I think are quite special…

The concept of the Appreciation Feast is similar to the TOOL of ‘FLOODING’ which we teach in our Relationship Workshops. The idea is to say all the positive things you can think about the one you are focusing on. We coach to include physical characteristics, personality traits, behaviours, and what we call Global Affirmations.

I also love her reference to the Elders in her family……and how through her serendipitous act of capturing their Appreciation Feast ritual on video it can be used again and again to strengthen the LOVE and connection in their family.

We also highly recommend taking photos and videos of the good and happy times in your relationships and regularly bringing them out….it helps to deepen the neural pathways of paying attention to the LOVE and the positive as you can play them over and over. When we are in a ‘negative’ space we forget the good times so it is important to have ways of reminding ourselves.

Another piece that I appreciate about her post is the concept of rituals and traditions in families and relationships.

Dear Friend, ……….

One of my most memorable Thanksgiving celebrations was about ten years ago. …….On an impulse, I grabbed the video camera and suggested that we all go around in a circle telling each other one thing we most appreciate about each other. My family reluctantly agreed, as they rolled their eyes thinking, “this is another one of those ‘Marci’ things.” We started with my mother – I told her I appreciated how she always believes in me. Then my brother told her that he appreciated what a generous person she was, followed by my nephew who told her how he could taste the love in her signature butterscotch chip cookies, and on and on. Then we moved on to my father and did the same process until all twelve of us had been lavished on.

By the end of this appreciation feast, we had even bigger smiles on our faces than we’d had while we were eating the mashed potatoes and the apple pie a la mode.

There’s so much research showing the extraordinary benefits of sharing thanks and appreciation. But, we don’t even need those statistics to know how it feels in our hearts.

With the passing of my 93 year-old aunt this year (the last of seven aunts and uncles) and the passing of both my parents in the past few years, this is our family’s first Thanksgiving that my siblings and I are the “older generation.” We’ll be celebrating together at my brother’s home with “the younger generation,” and we’ll all be watching that special video together. I am so grateful that we have our appreciation feast captured on video and in our hearts. Why not celebrate your family and friends with an Appreciation Feast this Thanksgiving……

Question for you: What rituals and traditions do you have in your relationships and family that deepen your sense of LOVE and belonging and connection that you are grateful for.  Share and ask to be MIRRORED by someone important to you for a minimum of 5 minutes. Another option is to share at your Thanksgiving gathering if you celebrate it.

Question for you: What rituals and traditions would you like to put in place in your relationships and family♥

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘Thank you,’ that would suffice” ~ Meister Eckhart

I wish you a happy day of Gratitude on Everyday! On this Thanksgiving Day I am grateful for each and every one of You. Thank You!…. for being there and for visiting and taking an interest in creating more LOVE and Kindness and positivity in the your life and in our world. You inspire me!  You affirm me! You sustain and nourish me! Your stories touch me deeply and it would be lonely and without meaning being here without you. I am blessed

May your Everyday be filled with all that delights you,…….LOVE and BLESSINGS SUSIE.