DAILY LOVE TIP –  FuN fRiDAy September 23, 2011

Hello Lovelies♥

OK I’m wondering who was able to do a minimum of 3 things from last FuN fRiDAy’s list♥  How about some photos……………………………Did any of you do something where you had to S–T–R–E–T–C–H out of your comfort zone♥ How was it♥ What experiments did you have a go at♥
I am not going to let up on having FuN as it is a crucial muscle that a lot of people have let shrivel up as they have grown older.
Here’s some additions to our ♥FuN LiST – please share as your ideas inspire  others – it is great to have a really Loooong list to choose from …..
Playing in the creek like Kim shared some time ago with her boys
Walking on the big water pipe line through the bush up near Mundaring Weir – I loved walking for miles when I was a kid
driving the tractor like Doug and Peggy – you go girl!…. 
Anne sent in having a pretend sword fight with her daughter India
going whale watching
doing jigsaw puzzles
swap pajamas with your partner and go to breakfast that way
riding the red Tourist Bus around your own city
going to the Zoo…Shelton loves going to the Zoo
go for a ride on the water taxi’s or ferries around the river like in Brisbane or in Sydney or Seattle
swimming and playing with dolphins
roller blading
roller skating and skiing
playing hop scotch
plan a mystery flight
say HELLO to the fish or the penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium  what ♥FuN says Gem….
Todays’ Addition to Shelton’s list of ♥favourite things is……he loves being the great ‘lumberjack’ with his ‘trusty weapons’…..like today he has been out chain-sawing  and cutting up and burning off huge piles of branches from the tree that fell down months ago….it’s hard work but satisfying…..Gem and Sophie thought they would have some FuN and join in and help out….
There’s many more FuN things to add – next ♥FuN fRiDAy I intend to share some ideas on how to have ♥FuN as a family…….
Remember S–T–R–E–T–C–H–I–N–G is good for you for building strong muscles…… Enjoy playing and experimenting…….PLAYfully and JOYfully, LOVE SUSIE