LOVE TIP – Sunday August 5th, 2012

Dear Friends

Today I found a treasure trove of absolute A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  Beauty by a man named ♥Bryant McGill…… Don’t you just love it when you find/’meet’someone or someone’s work that feels like a kindred spirit? Or to use ♥Bryant’s words – it feels like “a sacred event”.

“Meeting another human is always a sacred event.”

This man is a blessing. A man with such an open heart with ♥LOVE flowing from it. Sensitivity. Soul. Softness. Sweetness. Such Kindness. Such Courage to share in these ways…….Pure Passion. Creativity. Beauty. Aliveness. Joy. Tenderness. Preciousness.

His work has opened my heart wider. His words daring me to even more boldly ♥LOVE…. to let it all trickle down deep into my Soul and then from that place of pure presence then express more Beauty… be more both the Giver and the Receiver, to be more Creative in my Mission to live and spread and teach ♥LOVE……….in sharing even purer ♥LOVE…..from a place of trust and innocence and goodness….

I’m imagining many see me as boldly going forth shouting out “from the roof tops” and any other soap box that I can find……about the importance of ♥LOVE and learning to ♥LOVE more “madly, truly, deeply………”. Well I do…….AND it can be a tough and lonely path at times as it seems there are many, many other topics that people think are more important and that need to be put above ♥LOVE and relationships. I need to be nourished and inspired to keep talking about the ♥Heart Path and today I was and I now have another ‘well’ I can go to drink from when I need replenishing…..

Wow!…..being a mirror which reflects only people’s beauty – what a challenge!
Are you up for it?♥

What a privilege to receive these gifts that he shares so freely. I am grateful to Bryant for so enriching me so that my beautiful Heart Path is even more beautiful.

MIRRORING PRACTICE: What touches and opens your precious heart wider? What replenishes your LOVE? Share with someone what stands out for you about this post. MIRROR each other for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Blessings dear Friends. Imagining you leaving a path of Beauty behind you…….. LOVE, Susie 

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“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself” ~ Buddha