LOVE TIP – Tuesday 25 September, 2012.

Hello Friends

I’m sitting at my desk in my cottage and in front of me is a window which looks out down to the ocean …..down to the beach that is now covered with fishermen’s boats ‘parked’ along the shore…….. resting,…..and waiting for the sunset when they will once again head to the sea……In the background I hear the thud and rhythm of the waves as they break on the shore and then recede and then break again…….in as endless a sequence as the fishermen day-in / day-out going to sea, setting their nets and then returning to pull them in…….

Life is usually a repetition of patterns – day in / day out. We repeat and often do not take the time out to reflect and wonder about the repetitions that we are making……About whether we are doing the choosing or whether our patterns are choosing our life and rhythms.

I am so grateful and feel so blessed being in Kerala in this Ayurvedic Retreat setting where it is such a different routine, such a different setting than my normal everyday life where I can’t help but notice the difference and hence what is the norm for me.

Since my late teens I have been a life-long traveler and explorer and adventurer into different cultures and different ways of being. My original chosen fields of study were Anthropology and three different languages……I have always been fascinated by how we incarnate into different cultures and societies and times and how this then creates the different lives we live.

Like I am Australian and they are Indians. Like I am the visitor here to this ancient land and rituals and traditions……Like they daily get up and do what they do, think what they think, feel what they feel……. as do I….And we all perceive our experience to be ‘the norm’…..

I invite you to reflect on what is ‘the norm’ for you. Do you, like these fishermen, just follow a set procedure that is inside you? Is what is inside you creating a life of joy and fulfillment for you? Do you feel a sense of purpose? Feel you are in the right place? Doing the right thing? Choosing a life that you love?

I mentioned in the last post that we would be getting clear about our goals and visions for our time here at the Retreat. Wondering if you have come up with the vision of how you want your life to be?

To give you some ideas and to bring you into the Group some of the goals that people have here are: to find my voice and to confidently express my needs, to get in touch with my own Higher Self and inner wisdom and to trust that I can choose from that place, to find what my purpose is, to choose my actions based on what I feel inside me and not just to please ‘the other’ or to avoid confrontation, to claim more of my own competence and creativity and to not dismiss it and other people’s acknowledgments……

These are all BIG visions and goals and I encourage you to not be fearful of BIG goals and
visions. Growth is step-by-step and each BIG goal can, and needs to be, broken down into SMART & positive steps. Small do-able daily actions.

R-elevant & R-elated
T-ime frame – set yourself a time limit for each day,
Positive – eg: putting it is the positive – Once a day I am doing ____________________ instead of describing it by saying I won’t______________

Other goals could be to meditate or do yoga or walk, exercise, swim, go to the gym or juice daily; to read a book, to write your book, to sing, dance, play your guitar, ride your pushbike for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, to spend time with friends, siblings, family, to go to bed at the time my partner does…. the list is endless.

In terms of the “new way of being” becoming  A HABIT I have found it works best if I firstly set myself a goal that I have to S-T-R-E-T-C-H into……… and secondly set myself a 90-Day Action Plan.

new Habits

A simple example is: I will walk 30 minutes a day for the next 90 days wherever I am, whatever is going on.



Question for you: what did you come up with how you want your life to be different? What are your goals?

MIRRORING PRACTICEShare with someone what impacts you about this post. MIRROR each other for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Choose a minimum of one new daily action you can do in your life to start living your new vision of you.

Great to be sharing this space with you. Hope your day is as stimulating and nourishing as mine….. with much gratefulness and LOVE, Susie