LOVE TIP – Wednesday August 1st, 2012


Yoo Hooooooooooo  I’m back!….OMG!! [or Oh My Gosh!! – translation for the ‘oldies’] ……it’s now August – a NEW Month – and almost three weeks since my last post. I’m wondering how it’s been for you without me around………”sitting on your shoulder” is how some people describe it,…….”like A Voice in my ear” say others…….What about you?

Sorry for going AWOL and not letting you know where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to! [By the way a little hint – one of the advantages of being a Fan of our Facebook page – is being kept up to date as I tend to post there most days….]

Wondering whether you have missed me? Many parts of me have missed writing and connecting in here in Blogland……and do you know I would relish in the luxury of only having this one task to do each day…maybe I will put that on my ★To Do List for a whole month for sometime in the future.

♥Susie about 40 years ago….


Do you know I can remember when I was much, much younger – about 40 years ago 🙂 ……. That sure is a fair bit younger….and there is a gleeful part of me that loves being able to say ‘about 40 years ago’……it does make whatever you are going to say after that sound so esteemed…..Don’t you think??……

Back to writing about remembering when I was much, much younger – what I would do is think of things that I will do when I am ‘old and grey’ as life was so full and rich there wasn’t time to fit them all in – thinking that there would be time when I am ‘old and grey’.….AND I’m still waiting for that day when I’m ‘old and grey’ cause I still can’t fit everything in!!……. AND it’s all OK… is still so full and rich……..AND I’m grateful for it all…


So, as far as what we are doing – we are travelling again….leaving home Thursday 19th July…..flying over to the east coast of Australia……..our first stop was SYDNEY for our second Business Blueprint Conference with the inspiring ♥Dale Beaumont….Highly recommend those ‘local’ to Australia consider attending his upcoming day Events in August – New Rules Of Business – which he will be presenting in the capital cities of Australia as well as Auckland – for an amazing injection of ideas and tools into any type of business. His passion and expertise for expanding business is similar to our passion for expanding relationships.

Then we came to MELBOURNE staying ‘indefinitely’ where we are involved in a mix of work and family matters.  Do you know this quote?

“Life is what happens to you while you‘re busy making other plans” 🙂

Well many of my ‘my other plans’ have had to be put on hold as my daughter, who lives in Melbourne, has developed a very painful condition in her knee that will possibly need surgery. I am on “Mummy Duties”, staying with her to support and assist her as her husband is working in another state. It is a challenge for me to keep up with all that needs doing and to not be able to attend to a number of things on the ★To Do List including getting back to writing…

It’s got me thinking about setting yourself a task or a goal and what to do about “the things” that  ‘get in the way’ of you achieving it?……How to work out what is important? Another topic for another post.  

I am being kind to myself by not naming how often I will post for August and I can hear your LOVE-ing and caring voices echoing around the world supporting me in that.

 It is so heartening and somewhat surprising for me that my stats for visitors to the blog have stayed constant over this time of my absence….. heartening that many of the posts are being read again and again…… some of the most popular posts being from over a year ago ….if you haven’t thought of doing this I do encourage you to…..Just scroll through the Archives…and remember what works best is to read the post and then ACT on it….doing the exercises that I suggest….. Reading and becoming more aware is just the first step! Let me underline

“If you want something in your life you’ve never had, 
you’ll have to do something you’ve never done! ♥ 

As well as my daughter’s needs another priority that I have been giving attention to has been preparing for our August 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign This is another important reason I didn’t want to let one more day go by without posting as it is now August and I wanted to make sure you all knew about this campaign and especially about the new structure we are using for it.

So if you haven’t already accepted our invitation to join us in this process of committing to sharing ♥LOVE daily to someone you care about please consider it.

 Our suggestion for the AUGUST Campaign is ♥MEN……..could be your father, father-in-law, step-father, son, grandfather, brother, husband, partner, son-in-law, uncle, cousin, friend/mate, work colleague, neighbour……. any males that you admire or that need some ♥LOVE-ing attention.

I have committed many hours to creating the 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign as it is my opinion that for change to happen and for us to create new habits we need to have structures where we daily repeat the new behaviours.  I hear over and over that people lack having LOVE-ing as a priority in their lives and as a ★Skill that they feel competent in. It is not an automatic habit for many people. Committing to 30 days of focusing your ♥LOVE on someone you care about is an excellent way to increase your ability to ♥LOVE and to become more intentional about being ♥LOVE-ing.

There are 3 places you can find out all the details and join in:
1. Here on the blog
2. On our Events page on the Institute for Relationship Development Facebook page – you will then be invited to join the 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign Facebook Group page.
3. By email – send your email address to to be added to the group to receive a daily email with supportive and inspiring prompts & tips.

Gratefully, with LOVE Susie.

“With life as short as a half taken breath, don’t plant anything but love.” ~ Rumi