♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Friday January 27, 2012

Greetings to YOU most special  LOVELIES,

I’M BACK!! YAY!!………..And where have I been and what have I been up to♥ I imagine you are curious to know…

Well I guess you’ve all heard the statement –

I’m having a bad hair day!!…..

Well we have had a BAD internet week….or more correctly -A NO INTERNET WEEK! Yes that’s right NONE!!……following a HUGE lightning and thunder-storm at Warm Fuzzy Hill last Friday. And I mean HUGE – like the earth was cracking apart!……And YES we are grateful for the upside of this which is our dried-out-parched summer gardens and orchard got literally drenched for 3 hours…and YES grateful no trees fell on us…. and lightning didn’t strike us…… and YES grateful our roof stayed intact and no inside the house flooding apart from some overflow from outside the back door seeping in on the tiled easy-to-mop-up laundry floor….

And Wow!….We have discovered yet again how amazingly connected and directed our life is by the internet! AND TELSTRA – our phone and internet company (and one of the major Australian ones)…and please do forgive me for not going into ‘a rant’ about their inefficiency and general-all-round-bungling….If I start I will end up looking like the picture above!! Suffice it to say that after countless, unproductive and ‘hair-pulling’ hours over days talking with a range of Telestra ‘consultants’ and one new modem later which replaced ‘our fried one’ we are back online!…..

I did get much practice of Mirroring and pulled out all my communication TOOLSespecially grabbing my QTIP.…..and even ended up having to resort to the contacting the Complaints Department which I am stoked to report resulted in a very fruitful completion to the whole Saga. My biggest learning from all this is to stand up, speak out and advocate for yourself and complain where it is warranted…..it would have been so easy to just give up and give in and cancel my plan…..and Yes the service was sooooo bad I even had to resort to hanging up on the first ‘Complaints Case Manager’…..

So I have wanted to check in and say I have been thinking about You….. and I have missed being in touch! E-S-P-E-C-I-A-L-L-Y after so many of you so generously and beautifully responded to my request in my last post and showered me with your COMMENTS.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!….. I am humbled! At times I was thinking Oh NO they may think I have not coped and disappeared as recently I have not gone for so long without posting……:O)…and I will respond to your comments…and I do appreciate You…

At the moment so many things are pulling me away from my writing and it’s a stretch to fit all I need to do into the day as I am attempting to catch up from being off the internet for that week……..and you know it has amazed me how quickly once I have gotten out of the discipline and habit of writing daily how hard it has been to re-create the routine…

So what else is taking my time and attention♥

The Renovating goes on and on……..and THE SORTING, sorting, sorting……STUFF & Treasures and more Stuff after finally making ♥THE BIG MOVE into my new Office………I am feeling soooooooo grateful and excited at all the space and being able to organize and sort – AND FIND so many things that I have been looking for….:O)

AND – WooHoo!!! we have only 10 more SLEEPS before we go on our Adventure to fabulous INDIA for 5 weeks. Shelton picked up the visas a couple of days ago and it is feeling really close…..there’s lots of preparation for what we will be doing while we are in India which includes attending my daughter Zoe and her husband Gaurav’s second wedding in Northern India on February 16th in Ambala City which is between Delhi and Chandigarh as well as the wedding of Gaurav’s brother, Mohit and his fiancée Shruti on February 18th….



Seven of us are then going for a trip for a week sightseeing around ‘The Golden Triangle’ area starting from Delhi visiting Agra and Jaipur with many stops along the way including the not-to-be-missed Taj Mahal – “the unparalleled glory and beauty of the building surpasses beyond all human imaginations……one of the greatest sights of one’s lifetime…..” says the Tour Guide…

We then follow this with our 10 day  AYURVEDIC REJUVENATION RETREAT in south-west India in KERALA.………by the way there are still a few places left for any spontaneous souls out there who are up for being indulged…… and pampered….. way beyond your imagination ……….a chance to relax   revive  remember  rediscover   re-connect……...Are you curious and tempted♥

A Singapore stop-over for a few days on the way home follows this…………

AND there’s always lots to do to prepare our 5 acre Warm Fuzzy Hill home to be ‘safe’ and looked after while we are away…..

AND this whole weekend we again have the privilege of presenting the “Getting The Love You Want” Imago Couples Communication Workshop…..with all the preparation that entails…

AND not forgetting what seems like The Never-Ending ♥To Do List….. Coping with outrageous heat wave temperatures for days on end has added another challenging dimension……..maybe preparing us for India♥♥♥…..:O)

Doesn’t it amaze you how much can happen in just one week! Take a breath, I tell myself!

Anyways, time to go to bed, Shelton is calling…………!

I’ll be back visiting very soon…….. Much LOVE and BLESSINGS, Gratefully Susie♥

By the way a quick reminder to you to be preparing for the beginning of the fast approaching FEBRUARY 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign (or 29 days if you wish as February is a leap year). We are offering you the opportunity to choose to focus on a special Beloved in your life as February includes the celebration of Valentine’s Day…. A golden opportunity to build up the ♥LOVE for that special person in your life whether they are your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, partner or a dear friend. Look out for more info in the next few days!