Saturday – 26th February 2011  

Today my ‘treatment ‘ was a repeat of yesterday with the “oil bath” again as well as the oil to the forehead. I had a beautiful experience today of following each part of my body as they flowed the oil over it doing I love and appreciate my body a la Louise Hay style in my head. By that I mean I love and appreciate my leg, my thighs, my knee, my calves, my ankle, my foot, my toes, my toenails,  the soles of my feet,……etc, etc…. and just did that over and over as they covered all parts of my body. It felt special. I have spent a long time doing this work with my body using visualization using the book Love Your Body by Louise Hay – see

Question for you: What are you doing today to love and appreciate your body♥

Today I decided to fast on liquids – mainly water and coconut juice following my Purgation and it has been easy and good and I feel clear. I am making a decision to put in place a minimum of 1 day per month to fast on juices. I’m choosing the last day of the month and I also will pay attention to what I will let go of and release from my life.

Question for you: What are you willing to regularly put in place around abstaining and cleansing and releasing♥   What do you need to stop doing♥

One of the important and valuable outcomes of doing the Retreat with a group of people who are committed to exploring their inner world along with rejuvenating their physical bodies is the deep connections and bonds that the people are making with each other. There has been much support of each other and lots of precious healing experiences.

Some do, but not everyone get the same massage treatment each day as they are tailored to each individual person. It’s great fun congregating after treatments (which happen for most from 11am – 1pm) over lunch in our red ‘monk’ robes (as Eileen – see tomorrow – puts it). These are our after-treatment gowns we wear while the herbal oils soak in for a couple of hours along with the muslin head scarves we wear covering our oil saturated hair. We check out – hey what did you get today♥….. What did they do to you♥….. Or hey you look simply stunning!…..

Before treatments

Totally oiled and rejuvenated and relaxing after treatments...

As well there are 2 hours daily of group sessions to share and process how they are going and learning and practising new skills. This has been especially growthful and rich.

Group meeting in paradise

I asked the group if they would be willing to contribute to the blog and I am delighted to say that Eileen will share her story tomorrow.  Let me introduce Eileen to you. She is known in the group as someone who makes you laugh. People describe her as outrageous, jokey, a giggler, she ‘cackles’, is full of fun and quick to retort with something playful…She’s a good story-teller, good-natured and good-humoured, gregarious, bouncy and has a mischievous side….She’s also loud and the sort of person people might refer to as a “wild card”.  

She is also generous with her caring towards everyone; she’s thoughtful and likes to help and (in her words) is only happy when everyone else is happy…she’s often the one who orders drinks and treats for the group to be delivered to our group meeting anticipating our needs… She’s really committed to deep listening and learning all that she can and she is often the first to jump in to mirror whoever has shared. She’s like a sponge absorbing everything that we teach.

Eileen sees the humorous side in things so that she’s a good mate to Shelton. Did I forget to mention that she is Irish♥ Here’s a story she tells: people often say to her when they find out her name is Eileen.

What do you call a girl with one leg shorter than the other♥ She pretends to not know and laughs as if it is the first time she has heard it and then they tell her – Eileen! And then she says – Hey – What do you call a girl with no legs♥ Noelene! And laughs :O) She also wants to be known as having beautiful blue eyes…..Look out for her story tomorrow.

I’m getting some great comments from people and say BIG THANKS to you all! Please know that I regard them all as precious and at the moment can only get around to responding to some of them. Please take this as a personal word of gratitude.

Here are some favourite words of mine to leave you with:

Do I love myself enough to see myself with the eyes of my heart♥
Do I love myself enough to listen to myself with the ears of my heart♥
Do I love myself enough to talk to myself with the voice of my heart♥
Do I love myself enough to know myself with my heart♥

 Have the best day….My love to all, Susie.