LOVE TIP – Wednesday April 17, 2013

My dear Friends

I imagine you may have been wondering where I’ve been for so long as the last post I wrote here was January 19th – 3 months ago!! Well it is a B—I—G and L—O—N—G story!……. The short condensed version is I have been a little L-O-S-T when it comes to my blog! 🙁

Some explaining information is:

1. A few months ago we created a new website – – with the intention of shifting ♥Susiesheartpathblog to a new home there. And move it we did………Problems and more problems and I haven’t had the technical knowledge to work out what to do about them! Biggest two were IT DIDN’T SHIFT ♡YOU over with it – YOU my loyal readers/subscribers with the facility for my posts to be emailed to you when I published them – and some other features I like in ‘being housed’ here.

I guess ‘all-in-all’ looking back, for quite a few reasons it just didn’t feel like ♡Home – and now as I am reflecting I am noticing what I have been doing is ignoring it [the blog] and my energy got side-tracked and focused on so many other parts of business and life that daily compete for my attention. Days rolled into weeks, weeks rolled into months… know how it goes….

Yet I have been missing writing and connecting……. And I am so amazed at learning yet again how extremely important HABITS are and how subtle the old wiring pops back in place when we stop doing a new behaviour/action – how almost invisibly it is that we slip out of the new practices we have established…… our practices and ‘automatic’ actions and our new “muscles” we have built up just fade over time and we revert to what is familiar and automatic – Oh NO!…..In a word how much of a S-T-R-E-T-C-H change is!

I’m re-posting one of my favourite quotes of the wonderful ♡Bryant McGill of Simple Reminders ~

“Life is a Practice. You are what you do each day”
……..I cannot underline or emphasize this enough!

Bryant McGill - Life is a Practice

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” ~ Aristotle.

Aristotle excellenceI will return to explore this topic of changing HABITS in future posts as changing our brain and our life is of highest importance to me personally and in regard to my teaching. DAILY PRACTICE is the non-negotiable bottom line! We have to stop doing the things that get us the results we don’t want and replace them with new behaviours/actions and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE  over and over and over……and over….. 🙂

What has also ‘poked’, stirred and motivated me into action and showing up here again is that I have signed up for a 6 week [daily] Blogging Course called Build a Blog You truly Love with the inimitable Liv Lane. Now I highly recommend ♡Liv’s work having done a number of courses with her [including doing this one before] so I suggest checking out her work. Some of the things that particularly attract my attention and pull me to her work is that she describes herself as “a human sparkler who illuminates your awesomeness” and she does just that with her “soul-stirring, blog-boosting, e-course to help you shine online”…..For the non-bloggers [and bloggers, of course] ♡Liv also has some very beautiful and creative and “meaningful cards + gifts to light up your life” you can check out here.

Yes I have been disillusioned and let-down that my blog didn’t attract thousands and become an overnight success – or at least over-year success!!…….and I didn’t become a beacon of light in the world for hordes and their relationships and changing their lives…… and I wasn’t ‘snapped up’ by a highly prestigious magazine or signed up for a book……….. or an e-book even ……and thinking about it no-one even asked for my autograph after writing 258 posts!!!! 😀 ……….

Yet I am putting all that behind me with ♡Liv’s promise of breathing new life into my blog and emulating her lead I will become  “a human sparkler who illuminates your awesomeness” ………………..

By the way, ♡Liv’s gift of ‘sparkling’ and ‘illuminating’ she offers reminds me of the very most A-M-A-Z-I-N-E-S-T presentation we attended at the Business Blueprint conference  in January that truly I-N-S-P-I-R-E-D me so much I was in tears at the end of it… was by the equally inimitable and MOST delightful ‘spirit-igniting’ Amanda Gore …..For a taster of her work called The Joy Project check out her Facebook page and as well search the stacks of her great videos on YouTube .

Amanda Gore - spirit igniter

WoW!….. what a woman – what wisdom!…..Pretty well everything she said was an ‘arrow’ of ♡DELIGHT and pure ♡JOY straight into my heart and soul…into my very core……Have you ever had that experience where everything someone is teaching you is so right and resonating?…………..It was life changing for me…..all the stuff we teach done with such mastery – playfulness, LAUGH-OUT-LOUD laughter, simply hilarious and TOTALLY full of facts and wisdom.

♡Amanda’s work is a topic for another post another time! Gee I’m noticing all the remarkable and amazing experiences I have that I don’t get to write about if I’m not writing my blog!! How wonderful!

Just want to mention that I did write two posts in February – February 3rd and February 12th that are ‘housed’ here at

I am sad to report that I discovered last night going back over my blog that March 2013 has been the only month since February 2011 when I began that I haven’t written a post. My promise to myself is that I won’t let that happen again.

I choose ♥Susiesheartpathblog to be a Spirit Igniter and Awesomeness Illuminator!!……that is, along with writing about ♥LOVE and relationships and creating a  ♥ZNZ [Zero Negativity Zone] and the ♥Tools and resources to assist you to live the life you want.

Question for you: How have you noticed it has been for you to not receive my blog posts? And/or – Are there new habits you have let lapse?

MIRRORING PRACTICE: Share about this with another and have them ♥MIRROR you for a minimum of 5 minutes and then swap, or write about it in your journal.

Here’s to a whole new blog journey before us……my wish is that you are excited about travelling this new path with me and the ♥Susiesheartpathblog community and it ignites your spirit and soul……..I do appreciate your support and you regularly popping in and visiting here…..For now my intention is to post here and when we sort out ‘the glitches’ will make the big move.

With much JOY and Gratitude, ♥LOVE and blessings, Susie