LOVE TIP – Sunday February 3, 2013

Hello Lovelies

A very warm HELLO to you!! If you are new to susiesheartpathblog, I welcome you. If you are already a subscriber then I thank you for remaining interested in the work I do and my writing 🙂

I am being reminded yet again:

You know this quote? ‘Life’ pops in so many times and our plans are ‘out the window’!!!…..

And so what is happening? The Internet gremlins are challenging me YET AGAIN….. throwing a big glitch into my finely organized plans!!!…We have had very intermittent Internet and a horrible, scratchy sounding land-line phone connection in our office and home since late last Wednesday night…… And our mobile phone reception is next to non-existent here at the best of times anyway! Our phone and Internet company are saying Monday or Tuesday. I’m visualizing…..but it is Telstra after all! 🙂 ….. Australians will know what I mean by that! ……[An aside – my apologies to any of you who have been trying to contact me]

It is feeling a bit like being back in the jungles of Bali – haha 🙂 …….. Apart from being inconvenient for many reasons and interrupting most of our business – Tah Dah!! Drum roll…..FEBRUARY 1st was the beginning of our 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign!

Eeek!! – No Internet!….how to get the word out about the ♥Campaign starting and responding to people’s requests and questions…I can tell you it has been quite a challenge and very hard!…..


My modem is behind my computer screen and if I duck down a bit I can see the GREEN ON light or the RED OFF light. So every now and then I duck down to check. And so when I get the GREEN ON light I move quick as I am not sure how long it will stay on for….and I work like crazy until I get cut off again!!

What it’s been like is what happened last night. After being RED OFF most of the day it turned GREEN ON about 11.30pm when I checked before I was going to bed after spending the evening watching a movie with my ♡Sweetie – and by the way that was because –

DAY 2  ♥LOVE Dare/Challenge of the 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign: Tell your partner that instead of watching TV tonight (or doing work, or ‘fussing with’ the kids, etc.), you simply want to be with them and spend time together. An extra special gift is to offer to do whatever they want to do!… ♡Shelton’s choice was to watch a movie snuggling together on the couch which is what I did with him……

So back to being on the way to bed and checking the Internet….. I ended up ‘ignoring’ ♡Shelton’s calling from the bedroom to come to bed (which fortunately petered out as he drifted off to sleep) …..and madly did as many jobs online as I could fit in until 3am when I just couldn’t stay awake any longer!! I must admit I was scared that turning the GREEN ON light OFF was dangerous and maybe I should have kept going until it went off…..!! And unfortunately I was right as here it is now 1.30pm on Monday and it has just come back on!!!….. and we hardly had any GREEN ON all day yesterday!!…AND they are still not able to guarantee when it will be fully fixed…. oh well…..

Big Thank You for indulging me while I have been chattering on about my trials and tribulations and explaining how it’s been for me and that I haven’t just been loafing around and eating bonbons [that’s a FuN description ♡Shelton and I use when we play with who’s been doing the most work!!… 🙂 ] …..It does make it easier knowing that there are people out there who know and understand what’s going on and how it is for me…… doesn’t it for you?….

OK ♡Folks besides all that I am doing a little happy dance and feeling very grateful because we have been blessed and many, many wonderful people have managed to sign up for our February 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign and such a wave of ♡LOVE and positivity and connection is rippling around the world.  And as well you can STILL  join in the ♥LOVE and FuN.   Even though it is best to start on 1st February it is OK to come on board anytime throughout the month…It would be a privilege to have you participate. You are most welcome. All amounts of ♥LOVE-ing matters. It’s never too late to start…

Quoting a participant from our last Being-♥LOVE Campaign –

“…….I really enjoyed the last monthly adventure I had by committing for the month. It kept me focused and I learnt a lot about myself and how I see my self. I’m looking forward to the month of February even more now!”
Some people have requested a specific DAILY ACTION to do for the February Campaign as found in THE LOVE DARE by Alex and Stephen Kendrick and followed in the great movie FIREPROOF.
So as well as the normal format where you can choose your own actions to do, this time we will provide a daily Being-♥LOVE Challenge/Dare for the 30 Days! We are suggesting partners as a FOCUS for February…..And as well you can choose to do the ♥LOVE Dare/Challenge with anyone – not just a partner.

Joining in the Campaign for February is a great way to put focused and dedicated attention and intention for the month to reviewing and PRACTICING, PRACTICING, PRACTICING the Relationship and Communication ♥TOOLS and expanding the Zero Negativity Zone in your life – the ZNZ!
To read what it is all about – View how to get involved.
And to join all you need to do is click here. You can sign up to receive daily emails which includes the day’s ♥LOVE Dare/Challenge as well as ideas, inspiration and support and to help keep you on track for the month.
It’s that simple.

Here’s what I have set myself  for my 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign for February:

1. I will leave 1 RAAK – Random Act of ♥Art and ♥Kindness……when I am ‘out and about’ – for what I mean by this check this post 

2. On my Container Days [Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday] I will stay in bed with ♡Shelton for a minimum of 15 minutes each morning cuddling and I will give him 1 of the  and do the ♥LOVE Dare/Challenge as suggested in the daily emails, AND!!!…..

3.  I will write 20 blog posts on my susiesheartpathblog about ♡LOVE and Relationships throughout February. This does feel like a BIG S-T-R-E-T-C-H for me – but I have been wanting to set myself this task for some time as I have been neglecting you, my loyal readers. And most serendipitously the lovely ♡Michele Bergh emailed an invitation to her Inspired Blog Challenge which is to joyfully commit to creating 20 posts over the 28 day Challenge of February. I joyfully accept, thanks to you ♡Michele as well as the rest of the bloggers participating . Check with♡Michele if it interests you.

A TIP (double under-lining) when choosing a goal for yourself  – my suggestion is to start small and make your tasks S.M.A.R.T. with the emphasis on stating your actions specifically – I have found that stating the specific behaviours/actions that you will be doing makes a big difference…..I find this influences things much more than I ever would have imagined when I do it!! And we teach it is better to under-promise and over-deliver especially if you are doing a new task! People often have problems in this area because they over-promise and under-deliver.

Check out this link for the full info about S.M.A.R.T. actions….

Your Responsibility /Mission with regard to my posts – should you choose to accept it…. 🙂

♡let me know whether you prefer short posts or longer ones and is there a preference of a ratio of short to long for you?

♡if I don’t already know you, I would really appreciate for you to introduce yourself via the COMMENTS –
– sharing what you will be doing for your February Being-♥LOVE Campaign if you are, and
– include where you live. Where you are is important to me as is the idea of people connecting all around the world as well as linking up doing the Being-♥LOVE Campaign around the globe feels pretty exciting!

♡interact with me and comment and share your opinion about the posts,

♡give me input and feedback about the impact of the posts on you,

♡suggest topics on ♡LOVE and Relationships that you are interested in, including those topics that challenge you and you want some answers to, and

It’s good karma to give comments or use the LIKE  – people grow and blossom when they are seen and heard – needing acknowledgment and validation and empathy is part of being human♡…. and giving it is a muscle most people need to grow! Practice on me!…….Seriously, it does mean a lot to me every single time someone comments on my blog posts.

I dare you to give the 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign a go! Are you willing!  Let the challenge begin!

I’m hoping the theme we started with – Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans – isn’t going to be the theme of this month…..but then relationships are not usually all that predictable and have a way of bringing forward our deepest and darkest concerns for us to look at….

I’m excited to hear what you are choosing to do!
To a quantum leap forward in ♡LOVE-ing for February and thank you for reading.
Much LOVE and Gratitude, Susie

Your ♥LOVE-ing Matters
Your ♥LOVE-ing makes a difference
much more than you think…..