DAILY LOVE TIP – Friday 17 June 2011

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” ~ Zig Ziglar

                                                                                 Do you want to be great at LOVE-ing♥

Have a go at the 30 DAY BEING-♥LOVE CAMPAIGN….

Sending the biggest heart shape I could find to CELEBRATE wonderful YOU for the TEENY-EST or the most HUGE dollops of  LOVE-ing you have been putting into the world over the first two weeks of June – the first half of our 30 DAYS of BEING-♥

I can hear some of you saying well ‘I haven’t done it every day’; ‘I wanted to do more, but….’; ‘I’ve failed!’; I haven’t done it good enough…’; ‘It wasn’t all that important’ or any of the other stories that you are telling yourself about your efforts. I invite you to check which ‘lens’/filter you are looking through as you look at yourself and your actions.

Are you a Love-Finder or a Fault-Finder♥

Are you being a ♥LOVE-FINDER or a FAULT-FINDER♥ Do you look and see the glass half empty or half full♥

 “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”. ~Wayne Dyer.

“The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands,
but in seeing with new eyes” ~ Marcel Proust.

Every action, every micro-MOVE-ment of expanding your ♥LOVE-ing matters!

How about sharing with us right NOW 3 things you celebrate and appreciate about yourself for choosing this project or any project you are working on right now however big or small!

Here’s mine:

1. A ripple from my 30 DAYS BEING- ♥LOVE has been all my sisters and brothers connecting with each other even though we are in different place around the world – YAY!!…And this is especially and serendipitously wonderful as my focus I chose was my sisters.

2. My heart has been so much more full & open to all I interact with. It’s like my mind is more attuned to focusing on ♥LOVE-ing.

3. My creative mind is leaping and cavorting all over the place with new ideas for ways to serve and support people to open and fill their hearts and lives with ♥LOVE.

I haven’t had much response from people in relation to the point I put in a previous post (Tuesday 7th June)  – SOME TIPS/TOOLS FOR YOU for the 30 DAY BEING-♥LOVE CAMPAIGN and other New Projects around how you celebrate and reward yourself so I’ve decided that it would be good to repeat it as it’s almost as if most people have selective hearing when it comes to hearing about themselves doing a good job as well as having rituals for celebrating themselves. The point was:

8. Make sure to include daily celebrating and rewarding of yourself for your successes and your efforts. In most areas of life when you do a job people expect to get paid/rewarded for it. In personal growth areas people tend to focus on what is wrong with them rather than celebrating and valuing when they achieve their goals. Regularly give yourself  – pats on the back, High 5’s, WooHoos!, good job, gold stars, Well done!, How Awesome, You are Amaaaaaaazing!, doing little celebrating dances, special treats, Big YESessssssssss!!….the kid parts of us love this!

Now another TIP is – just reading about this isn’t going to change your life. Unfortunately, NO it won’t…

The ACTIONS I take create the RESULTS I get

You actually have to DO something different – ACT in a different way.

MY REQUEST of you is to declare in the comments below a minimum of one way you are going to celebrate and reward yourself over the next month. We need to do it regularly for at least this period of time for it to become a HABIT!

New habit

One thing I am adopting is Stephanie’s idea and I am giving myself a happy face, love-heart or star sticker when I achieve a task I have set myself.

YES!! – this has got me closer to my goal! I’ve just given myself a big smiley face on the back of my hand – it’s FUN! They are already on my keyboard and computer and in my diary as well…….Joe ‘Gold Star’ strikes again :O)

... .Joe 'Gold Star' strikes again :O)

One way I celebrate myself is regularly saying OUT LOUD A BIG YES in celebration of a job I’ve completed or a goal I’ve achieved…….or just for BEING me too! I can instantly feel my body responding chemically…flooding my body with all those positive chemicals we need….which reduces our stress physiologically too by the way….


…….I bend my arm bringing  my clenched fist up and towards my body saying……….

A BIG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS……….. out  loud really hissing  the sssssssssss…… and letting them linger. Doing it with both arms is even stronger!…….. I’m wondering if this gesture is called something – like the ‘High 5’ and the ‘Thumbs up’ are♥………..Anyone know♥

Shelton and I  most days will High 5 each other. Sometimes many times throughout the day. It also feels good to connect with another when you are celebrating.

Do you remember the reward charts that you used to have in primary school♥

– if you did something good, you’d get a gold star or smiley face stamp next to your name or on a chart♥

Did that motivate you, reward you, stimulate you, encourage you or trigger and prompt you to NOT do whatever it  was that was asked of you♥ Interesting to reflect on…What are you uncovering about  you♥

Question for you:  What are different words and ways you use to celebrate and value yours and others’ success and achievements♥

Question for you: What are your memories about how you were rewarded and celebrated when you were growing up♥


I celebrate wonderful ♥YOU and every step you take,
Have the best day ever!….. admiringly & gratefully Susie ♥♥

 and others do too….