DAILY LOVE TIP – Sunday August 7, 2011

Seeing it’s Sunday here’s a ♥LOVE Game for you to play –

A. I am a ♥LOVE-ing _____________
pick 1 – partner/ friend/ parent/child/sibling/god-parent/
grand-parent/niece/neighbour/ (or insert any others)

…write about this for a minimum of 3 minutes

Notice how many of the things you mentioned that you are, are things that you are or have been doing today! 

B. ______________
insert name of partner/ friend/ parent/child/sibling/god-parent/
 grand-parent niece/neighbour/(or insert any others)
is ♥LOVE-ing because_______________________

..write about this for a minimum of 3 minutes

See how many of the things you mentioned you can value them for today.

Using The 8 A’s as prompters is a good starter  – something about them/you –
I Acknowledge is…….
I Admire is….
I Adore is…..
I Advocate for is….
                                          I Affirm is…..
                                          I Appreciate is….
                                          and the other A’s are – give Affection and pay Attention

 Question for you: Is this game easy or hard for you to play? Was it fun?

If this game is hard for you to play here’s a LOVE-ing nudge for you to get yourself to a relationship workshop/therapist to either learn how to or what is getting in the way of you using these very important muscles.

Today’s Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things…..my infrared sauna which I started my day in and I have spent my time writing this to you….so I have really sweated writing this post LOL! Highly recommended!

Enjoy your day, with LOVE from a sweaty and cleansed Susie :O)

Hey, I found this picture of me where I was having  just the beeeeest time singing my heart out on a beautiful Austrian hillside about an hour out of Vienna near our dear friends Gaby and Norbert’s place. Hi dear friends!…..miss you and Austria and all the beautiful people there…….singing on an Austrian hillside/mountain needs to be on people’s bucket list.

I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so baaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddd :O)

I simply remember my favourite things...........and then....