DAILY LOVE TIP – Saturday September 3, 2011

Hello my ♥Lovelies,

Today I’m sharing a treat for all you Romantics and Movie buffs….see how many movies you can recognize as well as actors and actresses.

I ♥LOVE You Over and Over Again

CLICK on the image to play this wonderful video.

Let us know how many you recognize and which are your favourites♥


Question for you:What is your favourite Romantic movie of all time, and why♥ Share with your Sweeties and have them MIRROR you for a minimum of 5 minutes and then swap………. maybe make a date to watch it with them…… Be great to have you share in the COMMENTS which movie and why♥

Todays’ Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things…..Romantic movies on the big screen – Yes I own up – I am a Romantic over and over!!……..and yet again Romantic! What is splendid is Shelton is too so we go to the movies lots. In this selection my favourite would be 

♥remembering and ♥reminiscing……..romantically, much ♥LOVE and happy memories, Susie….I’ll think about which movie is my all time favourite………
PS: As I mentioned in Friday’s post Sunday 4th September is Father’s Day in Australia and I would value you sending in your photos of your Dad (and you with him) or images that say ♥LOVE-ing fathers to you…..maybe take some pics on the day…….and add any words that describe or say ‘My Dad’ to you – Let’s honour all your great Dads – I want to make a whole collage of them…………..And have the best Father’s Day!
PPS: this is a participatory post – tee hee!