DAILY LOVE TIP – Wednesday August 10, 2011

Hello there Lovely Ones,

I was going to continue on in the ‘serious’ manner of the last couple of posts and share more of Gottman’s Tips today………..yet lots of reminiscing has been going on here for me….. arising from a major clean out and sorting through as we are doing a complete ‘make-over’ and expansion of my office – almost doubling it in size – Yay!!…. And I mean major as EVERYTHING is being removed from my office and most of it will be redone – walls, inner cladding, ceiling, carpets……….

And in the sorting through I keep finding old journals and writings and photos and cards ( I keep the ones my Beloveds give to me! – do you♥)…..and favourite books…..and things I’ve created as well as things given to me……..wow…. so many old memories…..And if you are someone like me who loves gathering precious things you can imagine how I would have accumulated an enormous collection of treasures from a life of being well-loved and cared for by many….Hey this is one of the upsides of getting older – there’s so much richness to look back on :O)

So as I stop to write this before I go to bed….. sitting in the middle of ‘stuff” that has been shifted to seems like EVERYWHERE else and feeling like the house is in a complete shambles…. I am surprised that what is impacting me the most is connecting to the richness of the history I have been sorting through. How grateful I am for having been loved so deeply, so sweetly, so tenderly……..so ‘fiercely’

“Hold tenderly that which you cherish” ~ Bob Alberti

Today’s invitation/Tip is to cherish and celebrate every act of LOVE-ing, every moment..

Today’s Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things…..cherished memories..

Sending you an invitation to look tenderly, to see the preciousness and to give thanks for that which you cherish…………Today’s the day to tell someone how precious they are to you……….and notice how comfortable you are with using the words ‘cherish’, ‘precious’, ‘tender’……  LOVE, Susie.