Tuesday– 1st March 2011

:O) Spirit is playful – it’s my early morning swim time after spending some time on the blog so off I go to the swimming pool and I get up to the top of the I can do it steps” feeling light and almost frisky and I realize that I haven’t brought my swim cap – Drat!! Swim without it I think. No go down the 100 stairs and then again up the 100 “I can do it steps” and get it, says a voice inside me. So go I went. Yes I can!

'skipping' up & down the stairs - WooHoo!!


Guess what♥ I ran/skipped down the steps – A BIG YES!!!!! HURRAH!! First time I can remember skipping down stairs in I don’t know how long YAY!!!!!!!! And retrieving my swim hat in hand off I go again with a bounce in my step up the 100 “I can do it steps” to the pool. How good does that feel♥ The very best!! :O)


Question for you: What improvements are you noticing you are making and are you celebrating♥

my "I am strong and pain-free pool".....

What a new Beginning as a completion to this time here. Completions are often about new beginnings. Where do I go from here♥ Do I go forward maintaining the changes that I have made or do I slip back into my old routines and habits once I go back to my usual environment♥ This is like going to the workshops or reading a book on personal growth. How do I maintain the awareness that I have and changes that I make♥ What do I need to put the tools and processes that I learn into practice is a very good question to know the answer to for yourself.

Question for you: What keeps you on track♥ What keeps you practising♥ What keeps you motivated to daily practise the new behaviours that you choose for your life♥

flower mandala for departure day

There is sadness for the group as we complete our 10 days together today and excitement at the same time to be going home to put into practice all their new behaviours and intentions both physically and emotionally. There are many big changes that have happened and there has been much practicing of very important and significant conversations they will be having at home with their loved ones. We spent a lot of time in group today talking about what is needed to prepare for a conversation that is significant and potentially challenging with the possibility of being reactive. I will post that info in the next couple of blogs as it is crucial info that everyone needs.

Question for you: What are you completing and/or beginning and are you celebrating♥

For Shelton and I one of the special gifts of being here at the Retreat has been that my daughter Zoe who was already in India has come to share in this journey with us here. And now we are leaving tomorrow together and travelling up to the north of India. Shelton and Zoe and I are flying to Delhi and then driving to Ambala which is about 200km north of Delhi to meet the family of Zoe’s partner Gaurav for the first time.

And we have had some very Exciting NEWS in our family!!! – Gaurav proposed to Zoe on Valentine’s Day – he completely surprised her by proposing in a very romantic way in a hotel in Delhi. So there is going to be an Indian wedding – probably in October which is looking like an auspicious time from the Indian traditions which I’ll explain about when I get clearer about it all when we are there! I am over the moon about her news. How very exciting and how very romantic! She is feeling extremely loved and cared about.

Well folks, I’m off to bed as it is getting late and I have a 6.30am massage treatment in the morning as my last one here which I don’t want to miss.

Much love and blessings to you……Be well and happy, Excitedly Susie xx

NOTE: I haven’t finished the blog for yesterday Monday – 28th February 2011 which I will get done as soon as I can. One of the problems in the next few days is that I have been told (horrors!! :O) that there will be very little opportunity for internet connection where we are going in north India so I’m not sure about being able to be in contact over the next few days. I will continue writing and we return home to Perth 5th March and I look forward to sharing many exciting posts of our time there. It will be an interesting change as well in that it is pretty cold up there as it is getting close to the Himalayas……….