DAILY LOVE TIP – Monday September 5, 2011
My dear ♥Friends,
Today is FREEHUG Day! What a way to create a ♥ZNZ zone!
FREE ♥HUGS in Sondrio, Italy
Click on the image to watch Video
As I was watching this video and thinking how sweet it is I was thinking how I’d like to have a go at offering FREEHUGS……how it would be a very interesting experiment……..wondering if any of you have ever done this and how did it go♥ Any of you out there interested in joining me♥
…..And then I had a vision of a number of people doing it at the same time in lots of different places either around Australia or around the world. I imagine someone must have organized such a happening and done it by now. Has anyone heard of anything like this♥ I do know that there are other people who have offered FREEHUGS. The one above touched me the most of the ones I looked at.
Todays’ Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things…..cartoon characters and cartoonists. Snoopy has been a loooong time favourite of mine and bouncy Tigger was special for ♥Freea and Calvin and Hobbes for ♥Shelton………. I love them all……how amazingly creative are Charles M. Schulz, A. A. Milne and Bill Watterson……they often contain such deep wisdom and lightness at the same time!
BIG HUGS & CuDDLes To YOU…..ThANk YOU For ViSiTinG.Susie.
Print off a PDF copy of various FREE ♥HUG COUPONS like this one above http://www.worldhealing.net/hugs1_10.pdf
or maybe make your own and start passing them out………
HUGS are fat-free, sugar-free and require no batteries. ♥HUGS reduce blood pressure and relieve pain and depression. ♥HUGS brighten the day and lighten the heart!