DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday July 7, 2011

In our Imago Relationship Workshops one of the TOOLS we teach to nourish and care for ‘the other’ is called FLOODING……  The idea is to say all the positive things you can think about ‘the other’…..

The person being flooded sits on a chair and you walk around them and when you come to the front of them you look them in the eye and tell them another quality or characteristic you value about them.

We coach to include –
1) Physical characteristics – such as eyes, shoulders, legs, arms, smile, hair….etc
2) Personality traits – eg: kind, considerate, intelligent. strong, playful, LOVE-ing, generous, loyal, understanding……..
3) Behaviours – things that they do... For instance: cook great dinners for me, are a good friend, are a good Dad, bring me regular surprises, hold my hand when we go for a walk, greet me with smile and a hug when I return home……..
4) Global Affirmations: You’re the best, most wonderful friend/partner/ woman/ man/ husband/ lover/ that anyone could have…….and I love you….love you,…. love you!!!
You can vary it according to who you are flooding and what you want to focus on.

The idea is to start with your voice at its regular pitch and then raising it as you go along and by the end you can be excitedly and enthusiastically with a really high energy – even shouting for all to hear how wonderful you think this person is…..shouting positive ‘global expressions’ – like, for instance:

“You are the best, the brightest, the sweetest, the most wonderful, magnificent person in the whole wide world…………..and I love You….love You,…. love You!!!

Adding the ‘TOYOTA JUMP’  at this stage is great to add another level of aliveness to the exercise.

There is also a gentle version where you can speak softly….or you can also write it and send or give it to the person……

FLOODING is a great thing to do when you want to focus some special energy on someone – say for their birthday or other special occasion, or to ‘reward’ or give a special focus or attention to a member of a group. You can be as creative as you want….. The main idea is to fill them up with positivity and valuing……

I have been touched by the support and generosity of DOUG WILSON recently – one of our Imago Colleagues and friends from Houston Texas and I chose to send him an internet FLOODING to express my gratitude for the help he continuously gives to Shelton and myself and supporting us in the work we do as well as being pivotal in our Imago community in getting the word out about caring, conscious relationships and living in the ZONE OF ZERO NEGATIVITY.

I have decided to be creative and have made up what I call an A- Z FLOODING for Doug…..

♥DOUG – YOU are:

A – Affirming & AMAZING!
B – Brilliant & Bold
C – Competent & Clever
D – Determined & Dynamic
E – Encouraging & Energising
F – Friendly & Flourishing
G – Generous & Giving
H – Honouring & Helpful
I  – Inspiring & Inviting
J – JOY-full & Jolly
K – Kind & Knowledgeable
L – ♥LOVE-ing & Loyal
M – Magnificent & Mature
N – Networking & Nurturing
O – On the ball & Open
P – Positive & Playful
Q – Questioning & Quick
R – Resourceful & Reliable
S – Sharp & Skilful
T – Talented & Trustworthy
U – Understanding & Uniting
V – Visionary & Validating
W – Wonderful & Wise
X – X-emplary & X-cellent
Y – Young at heart & saying a big YES!
Z – Zesty & Zintillating ♥

Imagine me by now shouting and jumping for joy and doing the ‘TOYOTA JUMP’

DOUG you are the best, the brightest, the most wonderful, AWESOME person in the whole of Texas who is an exemplary member of our Imago Global Group ……..!!! BIG THANKS and a BIG HUG!

Those of you who know Doug will know exactly what I mean…………and more!


Questions for you:
a) Who needs you to give them a FLOODING?
b) Who would you like to FLOOD you and what areas would you like them to focus on?

LOVE from a JOY-FULL and grate-FULL, Susie♥♥