LOVE TIP  – Friday March 9th, 2012

Hello LOVELIES – are you acting like everything is easy ……..and something wonderful is about to happen♥……

How are you going in your world♥…… Are you enjoying the moment and experimenting with some changes maybe♥…….

One of the things that I value about holidays is how dedicated people are about taking photos and capturing memories…..I’ve had the privilege over this last month of sharing the time with many people both at Zoe and Gaurav’s wedding, when we were travelling through Rajahstan, at the Retreat in Kerala as well as in Singapore where we are now on a few days stop-over before we head home late tomorrow…..

And how wonderful it has been that everyone has been very generous in sharing their photos…….and interestingly enough their perspective on reality….the lens which they see things through….their take on what is important to them……And because I am now able to ‘see’ through their photos what is standing out for me is how many times I missed various things because I was looking through my lens and my filters and only seeing what my filters screen in and out..… It is an amazing process – we think we are all seeing the same thing but in fact we are only seeing our version of reality…..and it is so important to not underestimate this process that is going on all the time!!

And this has been made even clearer because of the different environments we have been in….We began our journey in the relatively smaller Ambala City in northern India, then went 200 kms south to the huge city of Delhi and then even further south around the areas of Rajasthan and then down into the very tropical south-west in Kerala….and for another complete contrast there is the different culture here in Singapore which is predominantly Chinese around where we are staying…. I am astounded by the different energy in the faces and the bodies of the people from the different areas….

As I’ve been making my way laboriously through the literally thousands of photos the idea keeps coming to me – every picture tells a story……and every face tells a story……….so I thought I would share a collage of photos from the wedding days……a suggestion to take some time to look into each photo…….

Photos credits to the talented Susan Lodge and Colin Rosewarne and Sarah Grimes -much Gratitude and appreciation!

Question for you: What stories do your pictures tell♥…… To the world and those close to you and to yourself♥ Is it the story you want others to get♥

Like I was talking with a woman today and her story is that her Mum always put herself last and this is the story she also acts out… it is the story she learned well as a child from her mother as are her children learning it from her….to the degree if she does things for herself she feels guilty…..and it’s more like as children we ‘osmosis’ it ……..especially those stories that are repeated and we are continuously around…….

What stories did you learn about LOVE and affection, about touch, about Joy and Happiness, about celebrating, about having Fun and playing, about feeling, about sensuality, about positivity, about kindness and caring, about self-care………and so on…and on……

MIRRORING PRACTICEShare with someone/with us (or journal) what stands out for you today and what this post brings up for you and then swap so that each person takes turns to ♥MIRROR the other for a minimum of 5 minutes…..

A caution to not judge your stories -and those of others around you – and the lens that you and they filter the world through. They were necessary for you to live in the worlds you grew up in. As adults though, one of your tasks and growth edges is to check out whether these same stories are serving you and your LOVE-d ones and if they aren’t to learn new ways to replace them with….

Much LOVE and BLESSINGS and admiration as you explore and experiment, Susie