♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday December 1, 2011

 Hellooooooooooo to you Dear ♥Friends,

WooHoo!! ♥♥BEGINNING TODAY!! – December 1st – [though you can come onboard at anytime] – It’s the official starting day for the exciting December 30 Day Being-♥LOVE Campaign! My heart is full of appreciation. Hope you’ve joined to be part of the great group who are up for practicing being more ♥LOVE-ing. Here’s to a great beginning to your ♥LOVE-ing project.

♥(¯`v´¯) ….♥ My Gratitude ♥ …
`*.¸.*.♥.♥´´¯`•.¸♥°♥ ….to all of YOU who have taken on this transformational practice♥…. Thank you for your precious LOVE-ing♥ and caring and giving…We look forward to hearing your updates about how you are going with your ♥LOVE projects throughout the month. We will be thinking of you.

This evening we are flying again – taking ‘the midnight horror’, as Shelton refers to it – to MELBOURNE to present the Imago “Getting the Love You Want” – Couples Communication workshop this weekend and are meeting up with friends of the Melbourne Imago community for a ♥Christmas & End-of-Year Gathering on Saturday night…..

There’s lots to do today to get ‘on the road’ but did want to check in at this beginning to December time and declare my intention for this month of posting on the blog every second day.

There is something especially powerful about declaring your intention out loud/in public – it makes it so much more binding for me.

Question for you: what intention are you willing to declare out loud this month to people that matter to you♥

Here’s a special gem I wanted to share with you. It’s very precious:-

Artist: Anand Richa

‘A person who truly loves and knows you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else still believes in the smile of your face.”

This saying touched my heart. How wonderful to be that well ‘known’. May those who ♥LOVE you truly see you….and may you feel safe enough to truly show what you are feeling……sending out much ♥LOVE and BLESSINGS SUSIE.