LOVE TIP  – Saturday March 31st, 2012

Greetings Special ♥Ones, 

It’s the last day of March. An auspicious time. And why♥ Well firstly, I’m alive and happy and healthy and have an abundance in my life……………….. I am grateful……And secondly, I’m the kind of person who values staying connected to my INTENTIONS and GOALS and VISIONS and the end and the beginning of months is a good time for me to check in on how I am going and to asses my achievements,….. to celebrate….. and to set my next steps….

And the last week in March particularly feels important for me because April 2nd is my birthday and I see it as the beginning of A NEW YEAR for me…this year my 62nd year……… Over the next few days I will share what is shaping me right now and what are the paths I see stretching before me and which ones I am choosing to walk……

I saw 4 great quotes on Facebook today that were all posted at the same time….that spoke strongly and affirmingly to me….being spoken to from a Higher source thinks I:

Decide once and for all to have an EXTRAORDINARY life

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The last quote – ‘Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up……’

I thought I should actually say it more nicely, more ‘correctly’….like please be quiet or the like….But do you know it isn’t a choice anymore. The voices need to stop. I need to be firm about it. It is my body and my life and my head and my choice what I want to have in it and it actually feels far more clear and intentional to say it that way…..and powerful and like I mean it!!

Of course I’ll create the vision of what I do want to hear in full in my head……following Law of Attraction instructions putting it in the positive with the full emotional experience of feeling it fully…… Yet right NOW – being fully in the moment of where I am RIGHT NOW – STEP #1 for me is –

….negative committee that meets inside my head sit down and shut up! 🙂 … And following SARK’s teachings I will give them another job that uses their discerning skills….

One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time. ~John Wanamaker  (Credit: The ManKind Project )

Now one of the rituals I do at the beginning of each New Year is to choose a focus that everything else will ‘hang around’. 2012 is walking a path of Beauty and I choose to take along with me the Angel of Delight………walking one step at a time…however steep and challenging the path…..

I sing a song as I walk that I learned many years ago that I thought was taught to me by one of my teachers – Brooke Medicine Eagle – but I have been unable to find any reference to her singing this that I can share with you. The words are very simple…..


I walk a path of Beauty,
                                           walk a path my ancestors lay down before me…
                                           I walk a path of Beauty,
                                           walk a path my ancestors lay down before me…
                                           I walk a path of Beauty,
                                           roll my Dreaming, roll my Visions out before me…..

walk the ♥Heart Path……

All time is Heart time – being guided by my beautiful Heart…..being touched and moved by my Heart as I choose my steps and my path each day, each moment,…..being fully in the NOW…..

“Look at every path closely and deliberately.
Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself and yourself alone one question. This question is one that a very old man asks…Does this path have a heart♥ If it does, the path is good. If it doesn’t it is of no use.”
~ Carlos Castaneda

…………………Walking and teaching the HEART PATH is my life’s work and play. How can I more deeply LOVE right NOW is the most important question of every moment for me…both others and myself.

Question for you: What do you do daily to bring more ♥DE-LIGHT and BEAUTY and HEART into your life and relationships♥

Now saving my best for last –  my biggest news and my strongest and most exciting path before me. You are the first to hear My BIG DREAM for 2012.  It is the year I plan to become a published author on Amazon!…….. There I’ve said it now in public for you all to hear. Yay!!! What do you think of that♥ ………My request is for you to keep me accountable. Will you♥ Stay tuned for my next exciting updates…..

I walk a path of Beauty…….., de-Light-edly and with LOVE, Susie