DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday June 16, 2011

A long term favorite quote of mine is from Pia Mellody and goes something like:
‘What the other says and does says more about them than it does about me AND what I do and say in response says more about me than it does about them ……..’
And if we aren’t feeling and remaining loving, positive and caring after interacting with them then they have given us the Gift of showing us an area of us that needs our attention and some healing & growth (or as Pat Love a wise friend of mine calls it – AFGE – which stands for Another F#*%^!g Growth Edge!) tee hee… At times when we are reactive it’s good to ‘zip our lip’ and smile and be grateful and gracious and kind and bless them and remember its US who have chosen to walk the Heart Path! – All LOVE TIPS in themself by the way! Bless you and love you, Susie♥♥