LOVE TIP – Thursday June 7th, 2012

Hello dear Ones

Today it has been bucketing down – you know sky opening up…….Thunder. Lightning. Hail. RAINING……RAINING…..RAINING…….And our little winter creek that was a DRY EMPTY bed yesterday is now barreling along…even spilling over the banks in places….

Doesn’t seeing a creek make the little kid part of you start jumping up and down….like it’s time TO PLAY………Come on own up! You’re not too old. Or too big. Or too grown up. Well Shelton and I aren’t too old, too big or too grown up to …………….. 🙂

Serendipitously today one of my Facebook Friends posted this great pic and quote:

She asked: – What is the one thing you can change in your life today that will make all the difference♥

My answer straight away was : One thing I can change in my life today that will make all the difference is seeing the raindrops on the trees and bushes as jewels instead of getting annoyed because it is raining!……

And remarkably not too long after that the rain stopped for a while. A clear blue sky. The sun shining……. So we went for a very beautiful walk…..with the raindrops sparkling…..

Question for you: What is the one thing you can change in your life today that will make all the difference♥

My lessons at the moment are about being Grateful for every single breath as I watch my brother labouring as he takes each breath….. being Grateful for every step I take as he is unable to walk now…. The lessons in CAPITAL LETTERS are about how crucial it is to fully live life and to have ♥Gratitude for every single thing/ for everyone….to not take anything/anyone for granted…..

The serendipitous gifts continued to arrive…. This time a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh:
“One friend asked me, “How can I force myself to smile when I am filled with sorrow♥ It isn’t natural.” I told her she must be able to smile to her sorrow, because we are more than our sorrow. A human being is like a television set with millions of channels. If we turn the Buddha on, we are the Buddha. If we turn sorrow on then we are sorrow. If we turn a smile on, we really are the smile. We can not let just one channel dominate us. We have the seed of everything in us, and we have to seize the situation in our hand, to recover our own sovereignty.” 

Wise words. It is OK to smile. And to laugh. It is OK to play in the creek and the rain today………….even though my brother is dying.  I exhale ♥Gratitude.

My message to all and the Gift I left on the track – my RAAK – Random Act of Art and  ♥Kindness……

inhaling ♥LOVE, exhaling ♥Gratitude, Susie