LOVE TIP – Sunday September 23, 2012

Dear Ones

How I wish I could transport you all here to share with us in Kerala at the beautiful Ayurvedic Retreat where we arrived late last night after travelling all day…….

And what a loooooong day it was! We started our day by getting up at 4am to be at the airport by 5.40am……and I am happy to say I did get to sleep all the way from Perth to Singapore…resisting the urge to watch movies all the way as did Shelton……

Then a day in Singapore waiting for our connecting flight….And what did we do?…..explore Chinatown…….No! Go to the Botanic Gardens full of all shades and sizes of glorious orchids ……..No!……..Sentosa, Merlion Park, the famous Singapore Zoo, any of the shop-till-you-drop malls, the elegant haunt of the rich and famous, no other than the Raffles Hotel……. or the new remarkable Marina Bay Sands Hotel with the 3 towers with what looks like a giant ship resting on top…..NO! NO! NO!…..None of these or any of the other many amazing sights this city has to offer abounding in the tourist brochures……..

Where we did go was into the city to find ♡Shelton’s favourite dim sum place and the black rice pudding shop for me!! YES – Food glorious food!!….and then hanging out in the hustle and bustle of the markets around there in Bugis St…..Bet you didn’t pick it!!

Question for you: what are the some of the activities / adventures you prioritize when you visit a new city /country?

Back to the airport for a quick snooze at Starbucks waiting for our next flight….Dear ♡Shelton is sooooooooooo good at just dropping off and snoozing anywhere……………….. dreaming about dim sums no doubt!! ….. mmmmmmmmmmm……. 🙂 …..and then excitedly meeting up with the participants of the Kerala Retreat…….and before we know it we are off on our next flight headed for India and specifically to Trivandrum…..and more snoozing on the way……..

After a late arrival, a warm welcome and a restful sleep I get up early eager to immerse myself in this now familiar environment……. leaving ♡Shelton still asleep……probably dreaming about dim sums, thinks I….. and down I go to walk along the beach……How great it was to feel my feet scrunching in the sand, walking in the water on the ocean’s edge……and then coming back up to the Resort to the joy of being able to swim and do my exercises in the pool with no one else there yet. Glorious! I think that is my word for this retreat. Glorious!

Not long into my routine I got to thinking about all the people who have told us of wanting to come to the Retreat but for various reasons haven’t been able to……and I thought why not share with you as if you are on a virtual Retreat with us! Bring you along on the journey with us! It is such a pleasure to share this space with others. To be sharing in the many pleasures and delights and to receive the healing that we do from being here…..

So for the next nine days I’m imagining you here with us……And there you are…….magically relaxing and lazing on the couches around the edge of the pool….shaded by the palms and the coconut trees……..can you see yourself here? Oh, you would like to order a fresh coconut juice….No problems! Straight away Sir/Ma’am! Anything else you would like?……..such wonderful generous and happy service……

Today was especially about being welcomed with a beautiful blessing from the Ayurvedic doctors and orienting us to what will be happening on our stay, followed by filling in a comprehensive health history questionnaire and the first visit with our doctor to create an individualized treatment and massage plan for each of us…..Many questions to reflect and ponder about as we go back through our own personal and family health histories………

And at last it’s time for our first two-hour massage and treatments. Whoooopeeeee! Oh my cells respond so quickly to the expert touch of my own personal massage lady…and how very well she knows my body…….slathering me all over in hot oil……..and I note how I have missed being cared for in this way… her way……I settle in and feel her finding and un-knotting the tight and sore spots… yes it is Bliss! And today was just what they call The General Massage”…so many more outstanding pleasures on a long list of options to come…..My body and soul remembering…….Are you up for your body feeling pampered and relaxed like you’ve never experienced?

AND……. there’s the 100 I can do it steps, the friendly faces and generous help of the Indian staff, the hot weather, lying in your hammock, naps and more naps, coconut juice on call – or any other fresh-made ones for that matter, the yoga and meditation classes, space for just ‘Me-Time’, finding a treasure in the shops nearby, the day-long smorgasbords in the dining room of food fit for a Maharajah with “101 ways” to serve a curry, oh the list is so long of the things to delight, the things to do…..

And how welcoming it was to be greeted at tonight’s dinner by a salad platter with a beautiful big heart in the centre!!

And don’t forget our two-hour daily Group Sessions for you to learn and practice, practice, practice a hand-picked selection of never-fail Communication TOOLS, SKILLS and Tips as well as uncovering more of the self-defeating and addictive behaviours that are in the way of you having the life you want….of creating positivity and happiness in your life. So today in our group it is about coming together and connecting with each other and starting to get clear about our goals and visions for our time here.

So that’s your job now: thinking of how you want to spend the next 9 days with us. What parts of you needs your special attention? What is getting in the way of you living the life you want? Start reflecting on that……..

Time for bed for me…….good night, happy dreamings……with excitement and LOVE Susie.