DAILY LOVE TIP – Sunday September 18, 2011

It’s a blustery, windy rainy Sunday here in the Hills in Stoneville today. I love the rain and we need the rain……..yet our Warm Fuzzy Hill orchard and the gardens are full of early Spring blossoming trees and the freesia hillside is blanketed in white and yellow flowers – mmmmmmmmmmm!! – what a glorious fragrance……and my sorrow is that the rain knocks the soft petals off before I’ve had a full time to fill my soul with Spring blossoms – and another year is a long time to wait for them to flower again 🙂  …………….OMG – as I write we are even having a shower of hail stones!!

And today I want to share with you about doing experiments and change – I imagine that many of you are reading this blog with the intention of raising your awareness and growing and expanding your beautiful selves to become more of who you want to be and to be living the life you want……. as well as to learn more about how to become a more LOVE-ing partner in all your relationships……. so I want to touch on a wondering I have in the back of my consciousness that keeps popping up for me – are you having a go at doing the tasks I suggest♥

A metaphor for me that comes to mind is of me being a teacher in a classroom or a presenter in a workshop and you folks, dear friends are ‘the audience’/participants. So what happens is I deliver a presentation and I invite follow-up work or Homework or some processing – or as SARK describes it -“Own-work” to better integrate the topic/work.

What we know for sure is that putting awareness/insight into practice is needed for change to happen and then “the day-by-day practice of uncomfortable, unfamiliar behaviours…..”

“In order for change to occur, insight must be translated into action…. CHANGE “demands clear intention, sustained attention, and the conscientious day-by-day practice of new skills and unfamiliar, uncomfortable behaviours”.

Dr Harville Hendrix

So what I am wondering is whether you folks are following through or am I expecting too much of you♥ Does offering the suggestions work for you♥ Are you doing little experiments in  changing your behaviours and in doing so growing your LOVE-ing ‘muscles’……

I was thinking about the FuN LiST on this FuN fRiDAy post and my invitation for people to do a minimum of 3 things from the list and I started thinking that might be a BIG s-t-r-e-t-c-h for some people to choose what to do. Even choosing itself might be as hard as having  a go at doing some of the things. So I thought of a few ways to choose that would overcome that initial ‘I can’t choose’ – and that is let chance do it for you.

So here’s some things you can do – print off the FuN LiST and then –
a) shut your eyes and move the paper around so you don’t know which way is the top or the bottom and then just randomly let your finger land on the page and wherever it lands is the one you do.
b) cut each point as a separate strip and put them all into a container and then close your eyes and choose and that is the one you do.

c) number each point and then ask someone to choose 3 numbers without knowing what they refer to or you can do that yourself and then those are the ones you do. 

d) another way is to make a SpiNNeR you could make either something simple like the pic to the left and associate the options with a colour or you could get really enthusiastic and have FuN and make a FuN SpiNNeR that has all your options on it by sticking the strips on it or including images like on the ones on the post or ones of your own……and when you feel like having  a FuN break just spin it and do whatever comes up.

Actually as I’m thinking about this I like the idea of creating a LOVE-ing and Caring Behaviour SpiNNeRbest would be to interview your partner (or could be anyone) about what makes them feel  LOVE-d and cared about and make up a spinner with the options on it and either spin it at regular times in the day or randomly and then do whatever comes up.  You could also make one for yourself and when you want some LOVE-ing and caring spin your wheel and whatever comes up ask someone to do it for you.

It makes changing and growing so much more of a game. But it also is risky if any of the points are ones you don’t feel you could do….so it is best to eliminate the ‘risky’ ones from your selection and put them aside to explore another time or dialogue with someone about how come they feel ‘risky’ for you.  

How do these options sound♥ I can think of a couple of you creative ones out there getting enthused and already coming up with some more ideas to add! 

Todays’ Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things…..Springtime at Warm Fuzzy Hill where almost everyday there is some new flower or tree or bush coming out in blossom. It was so remarkable going away for last week to Brisbane and coming back after only being away for a week and the amazing changes that had happened.

I would like to share with you a special poem I discovered on a blog I visited this morning – http://feodoraslane.wordpress.com/ called ‘I Met The Spring’ by Eliza Keating. It is about her Scottish Spring and she takes you on a wander in the European spring flowers….snowdrops, crocuses, bluebells, which I do also love……..her words evoking much in me…and delighting my senses…..and awakening me to connect even more to our Springtime energy…

‘I Met The Spring’ by Eliza Keating 

I met the spring this morning while going for a walk.
I sensed that she was busy and had no time to talk.
Within her arms a bundle of plants and shoots and seeds
Adorned her neck with snowdrops she wore like flower beads
Her dress was sewn from crocuses, a fragrant scented gown
And on her head wore bluebells, she’d placed there like a crown
And as I made to pass her, into her arms was drawn
And from her warm and light embrace know winter’s almost gone.

So dear ♥Ones, may Spring bring new aliveness to your soul and birth new beginnings in you as you experiment with changing your behaviours…..Love, Susie♥

NOTE:DAILY LOVE TIP – Monday August 1, 2011 – intentionality and I did it♥ is a post to review the ♥TOOLS needed in regard to CHANGE