DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday June 30, 2011

Celebrations and Completions!! Today is a double completion for me. ‘Officially’ it’s DAY 30 of our 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN – Hooray!! Well done!!….and today is also the funeral and celebration of the life of my older brother Jeffrey.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Let me celebrate YOU and all the LOVE-ing actions you have been doing over the month of June whether you have been doing the 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN or not. How inspirational and generous so many of the sharing s have been! My heart is FULL and grateful hearing your stories. Are you celebrating and rewarding yourself for all your micro-MOVE-ments or quantum leapings that you have done♥ Please share with us….

I celebrate my learnings of the last 30 DAYS and the openings into areas of my heart that have been neglected and put to one side for too long. It has been joyous for me to pay quality attention to my sisters and because of the ripple effect to my other siblings….. I feel blessed to share that this led to focusing much more on my brother than I normally do. How serendipitous!

Question for you: Have you been neglecting and maybe even abandoning someone in your family that needs and deserves your LOVE-ing attention♥

As well, I celebrate Jeffrey and the unique human being he has been and the gifts he has shared on this Earth. One of the gifts Jeffrey has left me is an important quote of his which is:  “A trying time is no time to quit trying”.

I didn’t know that about him….and I won’t forget it when thoughts of giving up rise in me… He had many overwhelming health challenges and it is a tribute to him that he has been alive for this long. Hearing others at the funeral talk about his life and their friendship with him reminded and highlighted for me how different people perceive the same person or in fact any situation. There were many things I learnt about him that I didn’t know and I am grateful for their perceptions and their LOVE for him.

Sitting there an idea came to me which I am grateful for as in our work we regularly come across people struggling with being stuck in viewing ‘the other’ with negativity. I propose a practice when we are stuck or in a conflicted, reactive place to view ‘the other’ through the eyes of someone who cares for and values ‘the other’. To commemorate Jeffrey I am going to call it ‘JJ eyes” – or looking through the eyes of LOVE.

the heart♥ sees what is invisible to the eye....

I will add this as a TOOL to our communication TOOLBOX we teach in our workshops.

As well when we are stuck in negativity it usually means we will be criticizing and judging ‘the other’ as a person and not just their behaviour. “I can’t understand how a person could do_________________” whatever their negative actions are………is usually how it comes out….

If it feels impossible for you to think of anyone saying anything positive about ‘the other’ who is triggering or scaring you, or you are resentful about, or blaming or whatever ‘negative’ emotion you have, imagine that you have been asked to do a eulogy at this person’s funeral and I imagine you might be thinking at last “I’ll get at chance to expose this creep/jerk/scoundrel/villain/nasty piece of work to everyone!!!”……. 

You go up to the podium and look around and see sad eyes looking at you waiting for your words to offer them some comfort in their loss. Visualize yourself exposing all those attacking, hurtful things about them that you know to be true…….

Notice how that feels. Did it give you peace♥ What did you learn about you♥

EXERCISE/PRACTICE – any time you find yourself criticising or judging ‘the other’ have a go at using ‘JJ eyes’. Perceive them through the eyes of someone who cares for and values them.

Question for you: Who have you been criticizing or judging who needs you to use ‘JJ eyes’♥

Question for you: Who in your life do you need to complete something with to be able to open your heart again♥

LOVE from a celebrating and congratulating Susie ♥♥

“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or when. You can only
decide how you’re going to live. Now.”  ~ Joan Baez

“It’s not how many breaths you take…….it’s how many moments take your breath away”