BORN TO ♡LOVE – Raising Happy & Confident Children – 10 Week Parenting Group

Venue: St. Cuthberth’s Church Hall, Cnr Darlington & Hillsden Rds, Darlington
Dates: over 10 weeks – new dates TBA
Day & Time: 7 to 9pm – weekly (Come early for a cuppa from 6.45pm)
Enquiries: Call Susie on 0414 771 741

How to TALK so kids will listen &

 How to LISTEN so kids will speak 

Informative. Empowering. Practical.


Do you remember the first time you held your baby and the incredible amount of love you felt? Do you remember the promises you made to yourself that you would do whatever it took to be the best parent that you could be for your child?

And children don’t come with instruction books. All relationships, including parenting, are skills based. Yet growing up, we weren’t usually actively taught these skills. We learned from our own experience and the experiences of those around us and what was done to us.

Our BORN TO ♡LOVE work will

  • empower you as you discover the ways in which your childhood experiences affect your parenting.
  • teach you how to enter the world of the child in order to communicate effectively
  • teach you how to respect and meet your own needs and those of your child.
  • give you the skills to understand and navigate your way through each stage of your child’s development.
  • In turn, you will enable your child/ren and those around you to develop the skills that are essential in relating to others successfully.
  • Your child/ren will become equipped to become effective adults and they and the whole community benefits.

Successful relationships and parenting don’t happen by accident. Decades of experience and research has shown that healthy, strong lasting relationships are most commonly built through emotional intelligence, EQ.

And unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be learned and by practicing this work both parents and children increase their emotional intelligence.

Learning how to be a good parent is crucial as research shows that emotionally healthy parents and strong marriages / relationships ensure healthier children emotionally, psychologically, academically and physically. This is especially important as more than half of couples, after first becoming parents, experience significant and severe declines in marital and relationship satisfaction as parenting demands become the priority.

Love Life Imago Workshop Presenter


10 WEEK PARENTING GROUP – Raising Happy & Confident Children


COUPLES or 2 FRIENDS: 10 WEEKS @ $895.00/couple or pair
INDIVIDUALS: $495.00 /person

$50 per person REDUCTION off your 10 week Group fee if you BOOK AND PAY IN FULL 4 weeks in advance

COUPLES or 2 FRIENDS: $795.00/couple or pair
INDIVIDUALS: $445.00 /person

COUPLES or 2 FRIENDS: $89.50/couple or pair
INDIVIDUALS: $49.50 /person
[with a commitment to completion of the 10 weeks]

NOTE:  Registration includes the PARENTING BOOK by Drs Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt – Giving The Love That Heals –  A Guide For Parents” plus the BORN TO LOVE MANUAL.

Help your children develop the Five R’s of Successful Living:

  1. Resourcefulness (problem solving and creativity)
  2. Responsibility
  3. Respect
  4. Relationship investment (respect for the emotions of other people)
  5. Regulation of their impulses and emotions

Learn to guide children’s behaviour and help them reach their fullest potential.

  • Understand their experience of the world
  • Understand their emotional motivations
  • Understand your emotional responses to them

Children learn by modelling – by watching how their parents regulate their emotions. Learn how your childhood experience effects your parenting and how to change this.

Compassionate Parenting is guaranteed to:

  • Increase cooperation, self-esteem, and self-discipline in children and parents.
  • Reduce anger, resentment, and hostility in children and parents.
  • Deepen emotional connections between parents and children.

Think Motivation Rather than Consequences – Motivation happens before behaviour

Emphasis is on before-the-fact emotional motivation of behaviour, rather than after-the-fact consequences. Consequences are after the fact, either too little or too much, but always too late.

Implement discipline with positive parental motivation to protect, nurture, guide, encourage, influence, set limits, & co-operate. Most adults attempt to change children’s behaviour in avoid or attack motivations which produces guilt, shame, or fear. These inhibit learning, lower self- esteem, cause resentment and aggression, and tend to make children selfish and sneaky.

Learn how to guide your children to be motivated by their core values, interest and compassion, not fear and temporary submission. Empower children to come up with solutions that work for them and you.

Instill Optimism!

How will this work benefit you? You will:

  • discover you’re not alone in your struggle to parent well
  • learn more about what you are doing RIGHT!
  • learn how to discipline more effectively and patiently
  • have tools to change difficult parent-adult/child relationships
  • learn how to create a closer and more loving relationship with your child

You will learn how to:

  • meet your children’s needs and about the stages of child development
  • stay connected with your child at any age no matter what they are doing
  • gracefully get out of power struggles and create win-win solutions
  • express anger appropriately – both yours and the child’s
  • establish healthy boundaries
  • reduce blame and criticism

Attendees’ Feedback

“A great workshop which really opened my eyes to see what I could be doing for my children and didn’t know about before the course… Goes a lot deeper than anything I’ve done before….I loved everything & learned I have to shift my issues to help my children.” Andrea, Perth WA

“The workshop combines powerful dialogues and most recent theories on child rearing and taught me to pause and reflect on what is going on in me when I get reactive with my children. Instead of jumping straight into problem solving mode and ‘Mum knows best’ I now see our conflict as an opportunity for healing, creating connections and moving into curiosity, love and respect for my children’s decisions, preferences and thinking. Go for your life and enrol!!” Ranka Joyce, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Parent Effectiveness Training Facilitator, Perth, WA

“Incredibly powerful! Although the workshop felt like a big time commitment it flew by. Informative sessions and practical demos really helped me absorb it all. I left feeling very enlightened and motivated to practice it with my 4 children, aged 2 to 15yrs. Your dedication to improving family relationships is awesome.” Pip Wynn Owen, Advanced Childbirth Educator, Registered Midwife, Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner, Perth WA

“As a mother of 4 boys and as a Therapist, I craved to know what makes a healthy family. Imago teaches openness & understanding between parents & THEN parents and children, not one at the expense of the other giving a deep understanding of what matters in families. The workshop teaches the value of creating conscious dialogue with children and the value of open parents willing to build their relationship out of care for their children. Incredibly valuable.” Leah O’Brien-Addison, Relationship Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Coach, Facilitator and Celebrant, Perth WA


Our Parenting Work is based on the book by Drs Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt:

Giving The Love That Heals: A Guide For Parents

Participants will receive a copy of this BOOK and A MANUAL is provided for your use to guide you through the information and the exercises during and after the Group.

It is also inspired by:

The Compassionate Parenting work of Dr Steven Stosny,
InnerBonding work of Dr Margaret Paul and
The Nurtured Heart Approach by Howard Glasser

Similar to the relationship work the BORN TO ♡LOVE Parenting Group is intensive and powerful and is comparable to 3 to 6 months of weekly therapy.
Yet, it is NOT a quick fix. It gives you an understanding of:

  • what is really going on in your parenting
  • a road map of the journey, and
  • the ♡TOOLS needed to achieve true LOVE and connection.

The KEYS to successful parenting are:

  • Having the ♡TOOLS that create connection and safety,
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE – We need to practice the ♡TOOLS and Skills daily as Practice makes p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s!.

Who Will Benefit from Attending?
This work is for the General Public and Professionals

Come with your partner, friends or on your own.

  • All parents. Couples and single parents
  • Those preparing for parenthood or considering starting a family
  • Anyone in a parenting role, such as nannies, foster parents, grandparents
  • Professionals working with children and families – Teachers, Counsellors, Health Professionals, Child Care, Educators

All of life is about being in relationship – be it with ourselves, partners, children, family, friends, work colleagues or neighbours

IMAGINE how different the world would be if it was the norm to learn the skills of parenting and being in relationship with others. How absurd is it that we don’t prioritise learning these skills to navigate these most vital areas of our lives – the foundations of our own happiness and of everything else in our society. We require skills to communicate and to connect, and to do so effectively, we need to regularly update our learning.

We are in the business of teaching such skills. It is our privilege to be of service to you.

“Children who don’t listen have parents who don’t listen”  ~♡Steven Stosny
“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” ~ ♡Frederick Douglass

Parenting is one of the most important jobs you do. It lasts a lifetime!..


About Susie & Shelton

Susie Itzstein BA & Shelton Huettig MA, MFT are the Directors of The Institute for Relationship Development.

We are highly experienced relationship counsellors and educators based in Darlington, Western Australia. Trained in a wide range of therapeutic models we bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and compassion to our work.

We are Advanced Clinicians in Imago Relationship Therapy created by Dr Harville Hendrix, and were the original certified Imago Workshop Presenters in Australia. Over two and a half decades we have taught many Imago Couples, Singles and Parenting Workshops throughout Australia, USA & Canada and elsewhere in the world.

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