Create The Relationships You Want Workshop

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Create The Relationships You Want Workshop


Saturday: 9.30am – 7pm 
Sunday:  9.30am – 7pm
(Come early for a cuppa and to settle in from 9.15am)



We are committed to giving you a
the ♥TOOLS and

to change your life.


EVERYONE needs to have the best up-to-date, user-friendly ♥TOOLS and SKILLS to fix any problem that gets in the way of  ♥LOVE.
These need to be learned in much the same way as you need to learn to read - you are not born knowing how! And you need to regularly update these.
We are in the business of teaching such ♥TOOLS....It is our privilege to be of service to you...

It is all around us. A tsunami of evidence. TV, movies, magazines, break-ups of friends, neighbours, relatives and work mates…Marriages/ committed relationships don’t last! And happy marriages are rare!

We teach Happily Ever After DOES happen……and relationships are easy - if you KNOW HOW!!

EVERYONE needs RELATIONSHIP and COMMUNICATION EDUCATION to create intimate life-long ♥LOVE and relationships.

With 90% of your happiness or misery being determined by your primary ♥LOVE relationships you owe it to yourself to be educated. Unlearn and replace behaviours and habits that destroy ♥LOVE.


INDIVIDUALS: $550.00 /person
PAY IN FULL a month prior for 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT  

A DEPOSIT of $200 will reserve your place.

Email Susie at to submit your $200 DEPOSIT (or the Full Fee) & for the Registration Form & Bank Transfer details.

NOTE: For Credit Card payments add 2.5%.


EVERYONE whether you are PARTNERED or SINGLE. 
Come on your own .....or invite your partner, spouse, Mum, Dad, daughter, son, sister, brother - any family members, girl-friends, mates, or other important persons to join you. Share the experience and share the transformation.
This will be a weekend you will remember fondly for a long time....

For example, one woman who had previously attended the Couples Workshop with her partner attended the Workshop with her mother and brother. One family of 5 did it together. There is so much healing and growth that can occur when attending with family members and people close to you

Create the Relationships You Want Workshops are for both couples and individuals whether you are struggling,....or looking to deepen an already good relationship.... or for singles to learn about the dynamics of and prepare for an intimate partnership.

In the Workshop we teach The New Rules of Relationship that everyone needs to learn!


  • Because they are counter-intuitive!!!....
  • Because your brain is physiologically wired to create the life you are already living, and to experience the ♥LOVE and relationships you have..!!
  • Because your brain will automatically prime you to do the opposite of what you need to do to create 'happily ever after' if it is not already happening for you.....
  • And what's more it filters what you learn when you read about any topic to fit your pre-conceived ideas about life........

To grow your relationships and change your life you will need to:
- do things that you aren't already doing,
- which will feel unfamiliar,
- probably uncomfortable,
- won't feel 'like you' and
- you will need to do them over and over....and over....

If you don't learn to do things differently, you will keep doing what you are already automatically doing... and so continue to get what you already have!!

It's not too late:
- to save your relationship, or
- to learn how to attract the partner you want, or
- to strengthen and build your relationship with the partner you already have!

Anyone can fall in ♥LOVE....
Staying in ♥LOVE and staying ♥LOVE-ing is another matter......... 
Everyone needs to LEARN how!!


  • you don't know how to make your partner or yourself happy
  • you are frustrated and keep arguing about the same old subjects
  • your needs don't feel important
  • some of the following are happening: criticism, blaming, resentment, anger, harshness and complaining
  • there is a lack of positivity, passion, intimacy, fun, sex and a sense of connection
  • you feel hopeless and helpless and are near break-up or divorce and want to decide if and how the relationship can be changed and saved
  • you are separated or thinking of separating
  • your partner is not willing to do the work with you and you want changes in your relationship

OR you are in a new relationship and would like to establish healthy foundations and learn ♥TOOLS that create ♥LOVE and happiness and how to be each other's best friend?

OR you want to enrich and deepen an already good relationship?


  • are happily single and smart enough to want to get to know yourself and learn about the dynamics of intimate relationship before jumping into a committed relationship
  • are beginning a relationship you want to keep
  • are tired of, and finished with, relationships that don't meet your needs
  • can't seem to meet the right person
  • want to meet others with similar values and a deep interest in creating a "conscious relationship"


  1. We highly suggest both partners consider doing this Workshop as preparation for participating in a future intensive ♥LOVE LIFE COUPLES INTIMACY RETREAT (One will be scheduled later this year).  Having an understanding of, as well as the ♥TOOLS, to change your own reactive behaviour when there is conflict and frustrations, is essential to an intimate, happy and successful relationship.

FOR a 'TASTE' of a past RETREAT see:

Most couples get stuck in destructive patterns [Negativity Cycle] where both parties are feeling hurt and injured by the other. The conflict and disconnection and fighting is usually what motivates couples to do 'the work' - and unfortunately  is often seen as a last resort and as a threat -"if you don't do this Workshop/counselling I am out of here", is the 'invitation' given! And this is often the woman talking to the man.

This can lead to the one being threatened and pressured not fully 'showing up' in the Workshop.

Doing the LOVE LIFE COUPLES INTIMACY RETREAT where both people are fully present and showing up and taking responsibility for their 'own stuff', and being accountable for their own reactivity, instead of pointing a finger at and blaming the other, deepens the work and the results people gain.

People ALWAYS experience many Aha! moments in this Workshop about themselves and the impact they have on their partner and the relationship.
It starts to make sense
- why their partners (and other people) do what they do in relation to them,
- why they do what they do in response/reaction and
- what they have to do differently if they want different results.
We teach:

The ACTIONS you take create 
                                                          the RESULTS you get.....

So if you aren't getting the RESULTS you want you need to change the ACTIONS you are taking.

2.  This Workshop is also recommended as the place to start if your partner is not willing to do the work with you. Your understanding of, and owning 'your own stuff' and reactivity and thus the way you act, can unlock and release your partner to step forward and change the way they normally act. We aren't usually aware of our own ways we disrespect and are unloving and uncaring to others. This work helps you to uncover the impact you have and what it is like living with you!.......

3.  For those separated or considering separating it is essential and transformational work to uncover and change the unconscious agenda/baggage you both brought to the relationship or you will most likely carry it forward with you.

"What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible,
is rarely a function of our true capability.
It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are."
~ ♡Anthony Robbins

What is included in the workshop?

The Workshop Format includes:

  • lectures, written exercises, demonstrations, guided imagery, intentional dialogue and communication processes.

☆ focused attention on uncovering what you are doing in your relationships that result in your negative reactive cycles
☆ unraveling why you do what you do
☆ learning new ways to replace your out-of-date 'survival strategies'
 S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G into new ways of being - and Practice, Practice, Practice!

YES it is intensive and full-on! .........and gives you the optimal opportunity for the BEST results!!

A MANUAL is provided for your use to guide you through the exercises during and after the Workshop.


  • CONFIDENTIALITY We request participants agree to confidentiality about anything that is shared on the weekend. People sometimes worry that they will be asked to disclose personal information about their relationship. This is not true. People are invited to share, yet if you choose the majority of the Workshop can be totally private. Even though we aim to build a supportive group atmosphere and some of people’s greatest learnings come from hearing of others experiences there is no pressure for self-disclosure and this is not group therapy. The confidentiality and privacy of your relationship is respected. It is your choice whether and how much you talk about things in front of the Workshop participants.
  • We teach some processes in the Workshop that you will follow up and do privately with your partner/another person [for singles and individuals] on the weekend.To show you how to do these we demonstrate the process with a couple [or two people] who volunteer and they will be sharing about their real circumstances. They often share that being coached through the process is a highlight for them for the weekend.

How YOU CAN BENEFIT from the Workshop:

  • understand why you are attracted to your partners
  • understand the connection between the frustrations you've experienced in past relationships and your frustrations in childhood and where you are vulnerable as a result of unmet childhood needs
  • identify 'the partner' that your unconscious mind has chosen for you - known as 'your Imago'
  • recognise your out-of-date default ways of protecting/defending and learn how to achieve an intimate relationship without these barriers
  • learn and practice user-friendly relationship and communication skills to break the negative patterns of relating and go home with a Relationship ♥TOOLBOX.
  • create a PERSONAL ACTION PLAN of do-able steps
  • know you can change yourself and become a truly great partner to Create the Relationships You Want!

Our Money Back Guarantee

We are serious about your success and so confident you will receive great value from this Workshop that:

  • if, at the end of the Workshop, you feel the information, experiences and ♥TOOLS have not been of benefit to you, we will refund your fee (minus manual cost).

People report that the Workshop is an excellent experience that transforms their relationships forever. In learning this "new way to ♥LOVE........."  and the new Rules of Relationship you will make a difference in ALL your relationships.

Says ♡Alanis MORISETTE:
"I have found that when my relationships work, everything else in my life works."

These intensive, powerful weekends are comparable to 3 to 6 months of weekly therapy.
Yet, it is NOT a quick fix. It gives you an understanding of:

  • what is really going on in your relationships,
  • a road map of the journey, and
  • the ♥TOOLS needed to achieve a deep and lasting partnership.

The KEY to successful relationships is your ATTITUDE and having the ♥TOOLS that create safety, intimacy and passion and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Whatever your situation, we can teach you a new way to relate...........a new way to ♥LOVE...


A WARM HELLO to all the different people we have met and shared with and who have participated in the Workshops over the years. We hope you are daily experiencing feeling more ♥LOVE and living the life you want......

We invite you to top up on your learning and Skills. We are regularly adding new updated pieces to the Workshops. Many people re-do the Workshops and report getting so much from doing it again - we regard that as an important testimonial to pass on and recommend all Graduates consider a refresher.

“That show changed me, I saw relationships not solely as
the kind of romantic pursuit our society celebrates but
as a spiritual partnership that's meant to change how
you see yourself and the world.
~ ♡Oprah Winfrey [talking about Imago and her experience of Dr ♡Harville Hendrix]

"We often refer to how blessed we are to have met Susie and Shelton. We are both convinced and tell others, that we wouldn’t still be together if it wasn’t for meeting the both of you. We are eternally grateful and wish you both all the best in your lives. You will always have a special place in our hearts.
We just celebrated 21 years together & next week we celebrate 13 years of marriage. Thank you for all the love, guidance & passion for Loving" ~ ♡Tammy Amor, Melbourne, April 2018
"I now realize how important it is to understand your own history (individuals work) as well as grow your relationship skills (couples work) and that without both parts of the puzzle we can't be truly conscious in relationship." ~ ♡Sarcha, Perth
WE can all make our relationships more ♥LOVE-ing
YOU CAN BE HAPPY if you learn - and use - the ♥TOOLS.....
Happily Ever After does happen!........

We present this Workshop in:

Melbourne, VICTORIA 

Email us your interest in FUTURE WORKSHOP DATES and LOCATIONS

ENQUIRIES: 0414 771 741 or

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The Generations~Dialogue Workshop: 23-25 Sept 2016

by susiesheartpathblog on September 23, 2016

Greetings Friends

It is serendipitous and fitting that our good friend and colleague of many years, ♡Dorsey Cartwright from Texas, USA is one of the main reasons that we are choosing to make a new beginning in our business following our not having had the energy to plan, organize and present any WORKSHOPS or RETREATS for the past 2 ½ years.  The devastating 12 January 2014 Parkerville-Stoneville  Bushfire impacted and changed our lives in so many ways and still is....

My former partner ♡Russ and I discovered Imago Relationship Therapy at a seminar about Imago presented by ♡Dorsey at the Voice Dialogue Summer Kamp in California, USA in 1994.

Following our totally falling in love with Imago, and ♡Dorsey, she came to Australia at our invitation in June 1995 - Yes that long ago!....... 21 long years!.....and presented the first IMAGO GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT COUPLES WORKSHOP in PERTH and seeded Imago in Australia, which ♡Shelton and I went on to spread after Russ's death in 2000...

Some of you will know ♡Dorsey from way back then, and for others meeting her and learning from her is a pleasure that awaits. She brings an amazing amount of experience, understanding, passion, dedication and generosity of heart and soul to every Workshop she teaches. Her tenderness and respect for everyone and their process is a pleasure to experience.

The Workshop ♡Dorsey will be teaching for the first time in Australia is the new GENERATIONS~DIALOGUE WORKSHOP in MELBOURNE on the 23-25 September, 2016. It will be co-led by ♡Yvonne Pauling, a skilled Imago Therapist and Workshop Presenter from New Zealand.

For this Workshop a parent attends as a pair with their adult child. Either you as a mother or father invite and attend with your adult daughter or son, or you as a child invite and attend with one of your parents.  The minimum age for children is 20 years old. Only one child and one parent per family can attend per Workshop.

There is a very high ratio of participants to clinically trained Assistants in this Workshop with an Assistant coaching each pair through each of the dialogues making for a very intimate and safe Workshop. ♡Shelton and I will be part of the team of  6 Assistants.
Please read below for full details about this new and exciting  Workshop that we highly commend to all.

The Generations~Dialogue Workshop

For Mothers and Fathers with their Adult Sons or Daughters


September 23-25, 2016 Melbourne, Australia

Co-Led by M. Dorsey Cartwright and Yvonne Pauling

Created by Imago therapists, Roland and Sabine Bösel of Vienna, this brilliantly designed, profound, and fun Workshop supports a parent and adult-child to spend a weekend together in safe conversations. This precious time together enables the shifting of inter-generational patterns and lays the foundation for a more conscious, authentic adult-to-adult relationship.

For this Workshop a parent attends as a pair with their adult child. Either you as a mother or father invite and attend with your adult daughter or son, or you as a child invite and attend with one of your parents. 

The minimum age for children is 20 years old. Only one child and one parent per family can attend per Workshop.

Sponsored and Assisted by Susie Itzstein and Shelton Huettig

Institute for Relationship Development

The power of our family's emotional legacy

This Workshop is for mothers/fathers and adult daughters/sons who have the courage to safely work on an authentic, mutually satisfying relationship. Unresolved family patterns can sabotage individual growth, subtly emerge in romantic relationships, and influence parenting styles. Thus, often unconsciously, they will be passed on to the next generation. Through guided structured dialogues that support empathic listening, the parent/child pair becomes conscious of relationship dynamics within their own family, gaining the opportunity to rewrite old family patterns and create a legacy of loving and supportive relationships. Generation work also uncovers unique resources found in each family, which are honored as a source of strength.

Generation work is peace work within your own family

Healing repetitive family themes not only positively impacts your relationship with your own parent(s) or adult children, but also fosters your individual growth. Thus, generation work opens you to your full potential and facilitates a self-determined life through which you may find your own path in your relationships.

This Workshop provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Address previously unspoken feelings.
  • Clear up misunderstandings and heal old injuries.
  • Facilitate reconciliation and peace.
  • Call forth potentials that were previously inaccessible.
  • Practice a kind and respectful way of interacting that will help you create a mutually satisfying relationship in the future.
  • Recognize that even painful experiences can foster the development of personal resources and strength.
  • Ensure that difficult emotional experiences and interactions will no longer be passed on to future generations.

This Workshop is for you, if you:

  • Would like to tend to your relationship with your mother, your father, your adult son, your adult daughter, or stepchild.
  • Would like to safely address an issue, which you have carried for a long time.
  • Would like to express your love and validation for each other.
  • Would like to free yourself from restricting family patterns.
  • Have experienced hurtful interactions or transgressions of personal boundaries and long to have your pain heard and acknowledged.
  • Want to utilize your family as a source for healthy personal growth.
  • Want to serve as a role model for growth within your own family.
  • Want to engage in a dialogue to release your daughter or son into adulthood, creating a mutually satisfying and respectful relationship.

What to expect:

  • We support you in defining your specific goals for this Workshop.
  • We demonstrate structured dialogues and assist you while you engage with each other.
  • We support you in finding the right words to express your concerns and feelings.
  • We help you activate your inner resources to strengthen your confidence.
  • You will find support and personal exchange within your own generation group (parents group, sons/daughters group).
  • We will present theoretical concepts underlying the difference between a conscious and an unconscious relationship, e.g., respectful closeness and enmeshment, healthy boundaries and emotional distance, and between connection and codependency.
  • Your privacy will be respected. Personal issues will only be addressed with your generation partner. In addition, all participants agree to keep utmost confidentiality.



 M. Dorsey Cartwright, M.Ed., LMFT

I am a licensed Marriage & Family therapist, as well as a certified Imago Advanced Clinician and Workshop Presenter. In the mid-90's I had the privilege of giving the first Getting the Love You Want couples Workshops and Keeping the Love You Find for individuals in Australia. In recent years my focus has been Voice Dialogue Trainings with my partner, Neil. However, after attending Generation~Dialogue Workshops with each of my sons, and then assisting at three more, my heart said we must share this unique, healing experience with other families. I am delighted that this desire brings me back to Australia.

Image3Yvonne Pauling, Dip.So.Wk. MNZAC

Throughout my 26 years experience of working with people, I have been passionate about helping couples and families to find more positive and loving ways to be in connection with each other. I am a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and Workshop Presenter, and present the Getting the Love You Want Workshops for couples in the South Island of New Zealand. Earlier this year I had the privilege of attending a Generations-Dialogue Workshop with my daughter, which was a profoundly healing experience for us both. Sharing deeply with each other using the structured and safe dialogue processes was an amazing experience. I look forward to co leading this Generations-Dialogue Workshop with Dorsey in Melbourne.

Dorsey and her partner Neil Meili, and Yvonne have each attended these Workshops with their own children and they are inspiring us with the strong and passionate commitment they have to introducing this important work to Australia and the southern hemisphere and spreading it as widely as possible.


In addition to the leaders you will have the support of clinically certified Therapists to coach you through the dialogues.There is a very high ratio of participants to clinically trained Assistants in this Workshop with an Assistant coaching each pair through each of the dialogues making for a very intimate and safe Workshop.
THERAPISTS - Please email us of your interest - if you feel called to be an ASSISTANT.

What participants have said about the GENERATIONS~DIALOGUE WORKSHOP:

“I attended a Generations~Dialogue Workshop with my adult daughter and felt it was the gift of a lifetime! Her trust and honesty with me was a gift for sure, but the greatest gift was in learning how she experiences me today and receiving that message as an invitation for growth and a deeper connection. Before each process there was a full explanation of what each dialogue intended to achieve, with lots of examples, so that I felt well guided and got the most out of the weekend. I highly recommend the experience to any parent/adult-child combo ready and open for a deeper connection.”  J.G. (mother)

“The Generations~Dialogue Workshop last year has done so much and is still doing so much for us. It has changed our family dynamics all the way to the roots and has brought a new openness and honesty that is so amazing to all of us. (And sometimes very difficult!) I am still at awe.”  R.C. (father)
“I arrived at the Generations~Dialogue Workshop feeling like a child and left feeling adult. Now, when I interact with my mother, I no longer have the shadows of childhood weighing on my shoulders. While she will always be my mom, I experience us more as two growing individuals in an evolving relationship.”  J.K. (son)
"Having attended a Generations~Dialogue Workshop with my mother, I am so much richer for the experience. Dorsey, as our assistant, I wanted to thank you again for all of your skillful, kind, and generous work with mom and me. You have a true gift!" C.P. (daughter)
“When Claudia Luciak-Donsberger and Mikael Luciak gave a Generations~Dialogue Workshop in Dorsey’s and my home in Austin Texas I attended with my youngest daughter. It was such a positive and moving experience that I decided to participate in their workshop in Vienna with my oldest daughter. I am now looking forward to sharing this rich and important work with our Australian friends - old and new.” Neil Meili, (father and Generations~Dialogue Workshop Assistant)
"I LOVED the Generations~Dialogue Workshop and I am so grateful to have been present at this amazing experience. It is never too late to give your children the childhood you wish you had given them and to work with them to build new relationship patterns for the next generation. I am looking forward to attending this workshop with my children” Maya Kollman (Imago Master Trainer and Host and Generations~Dialogue Workshop Assistant)


Friday 23 September | TIME: 3 - 9pm

Saturday 24 September | TIME: 9:30am - 7pm

Sunday, 25 September 2016 | TIME: 9:30am - 3pm

VENUE: Habitat Uniting Church [formerly The Augustine Centre]

2 Minona Ave, Hawthorn VICTORIA 3122 | Phone 03 9819 2844


$1200 perImage4 pair ($600 per person) OR

EARLYBIRD (2 weeks prior) $995 per pair ($497.50 per person) BY SEPTEMBER 9th




Bank Transfer (Preferred)

Bank Details: National Bank Account: BSB 086-288 Acc # 597 28 6848. Name S. Itzstein & L. Huettig. 
 Include your name when paying & email to advise of your payment.

OR by PayPal credit card (add 2.5% fee)



First and Last Name_______________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________City | State| P/C |Country Home phone (       )______________________Mobile____________________________ Email_____________________________________________________Age__________


First and Last Name_______________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________City | State| P/C |Country Home phone (       )__________________________Mobile_________________________ Email_______________________________________________________


Email SUSIE at  OR DORSEY at or call 512-466-3637


THANK YOU for your Registration.

An email with the FULL details will be sent 1 week prior to the Workshop.



We deeply thank our teachers; Claudia Luciak-Donsberger and Mikael Luciak, for their skillful, attuned guidance through the Generations~Dialogue Workshop with our adult-children as well as the training they have provided. We are profoundly grateful to Sabine and Roland Bösel ( for their wisdom and skill in developing this Generations~Dialogue Workshop and their generosity in freely passing it along to us and the coming generations.

From Our Teachers

"We are so excited that Dorsey and Yvonne are bringing this work to  Australia. In our workshops, we got to experience them as such brave and  committed mothers and highly experienced therapists; surely able to create a  safe environment for your encounter.” Claudia and Mikael.

“I have supported Sabine and Roland Bösel as a co-therapist in various generation, sibling, and couples workshops and am deeply touched by the impact of the structured dialogues I experienced with many couples and generation pairs as well as with my own children. Just recently I participated at a workshop with our youngest daughter, one of the most moving experiences of my life.” Mikael Luciak. (father, international Generations~Dialogue Workshop presenter)

“I am writing these lines in Southern Crete during a mother/daughter trip, a week long one-on-one journey of mutual presence, kindness, fun, love, and authentic relating. This is one of many long time benefits from our attending a Generations~Dialogue workshop over 10 years ago." Claudia Luciak-Donsberger. (mother, international Generations~Dialogue Workshop presenter)




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