DAILY LOVE TIP – Saturday August 13, 2011  

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”                     ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

 Expect your every need to be met,
Expect the answer to every problem,
Expect abundance at every level,
Expect to grow spiritually
Eileen Caddy
(And expect it with graceful allowing……)

Feeling very full and grateful after a well spent day……. Today Shelton and I have been presenting Day 2 of the “Getting The Love you Want” Imago Couples Communication Workshop here in Western Australia and it is always a privilege to share with these courageous couples in their commitment to expanding LOVE in their relationships and in the world…… and how satisfying for us to experience them having “things dropping into place…..and things now making sense……”

And this was followed this evening by a gathering of dedicated supporters of the work at the regular monthly Movie Night hosted by the lovely Jodie Sanders.  Big Thank you Folks – as always a pleasure to share with you – tonight watching the Michele Weiner-Davis presentation on Divorce Busting Secrets…….

It is so important to find a group of like minded people on this journey of following your dreams…people who validate you, inspire you, challenge you, support you, LOVE and care for you…..Imagine yourself as part of such a community……

Sending an Invitation to join us at the next Movie Night here in Perth on Saturday 3rd September…….or to the Melbourne or Brisbane groups as well…..

And Thank You, Thank You to ALL of you reading this blog and walking this Heart Path with me and being a part of this beautiful online community….we are so blessed…..

The most important take away message for me tonight was Never give up on your dreams!

LOVE from an envigorated and renewed Susie sending a reminder that the world needs your dreams………..

Today’s Addition to my list of My ♥favourite things….. Dreams of my new Office ……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm