DAILY LOVE TIP – Tuesday July 12, 2011

 “Be Gentle With Love” ~ Poetry For Lovers by Donni Betts was one favourite of mine many years ago back in the 80’s….OMG how long ago is that…… :O)

Be gentle with love

     as with a newly opened flower,

for love can be fragile.

But if treated with care

and nourished with tenderness,

nature will take her course

    And love will blossom……..


 If I hurt you

It’s not intentionally.

If you feel insecure with me

        it’s not because I want it that way.

If I neglect to show you

How much I appreciate you,

        it’s from a lack of awareness.

I try to do the best I can

But sometimes, in my bumbling,

         imperfect way,

I mess things up.

         Can you hear me♥

Questions for you: What LOVE poetry touches you♥ Share about this with someone special today.

Ask the people around you – at work, home or out and about – or just reflecting on your own….What is/are your favourite LOVE poem(s)♥ Who is your favourite LOVE poet♥ Do you write poetry for your Beloved and other special people in your life♥ Have you ever read/recited your favourite poetry to others in your life♥ Please share with us……

“Your life is a gift

     for you give of yourself

          to everyone you meet” ~ Donni Betts

May your day be full of remembering and inspiration…..Love Susie