DAILY LOVE TIP – Wednesday June 29, 2011

ARRIVAL is my theme for the day. I’m arriving Home into Australia today……after our 17+hour flight from Seattle to Melbourne….and just digressing what a fantastic flight it’s been – I decided in LA to upgrade to business class – YaY!! – with the generous gift of Shelton’s frequent flyer points added to my dollars and this is even  more especially wonderful after being told our tickets weren’t up-gradable!…Everything  is possible! – note to myself…..I am soooo grateful and revived after the ‘best’ and longest sleep I’ve had in days!

Question for you: How do you arrive♥ How do you arrive into your day each day or into a gathering, a meeting or any setting♥

Do you welcome and invite yourself or do you hold back and wait for a welcome or invitation from the other♥ With excitement or fear♥

Are you burdened and carrying way too much or travelling lightly♥…. In-plane magazine article heading: ‘Flying with luggage is increasingly likely to cost travellers extra…’ Also relevant when thinking of the emotional “baggage” we carry through life….. :O)

One of the advantages/perks/gifts/rewards of travelling a lot in my work and living and having a Home in two different countries is I get lots of opportunities to observe and study myself in relation to this question.

I arrive in the morning and leave again in the evening to join my family in Sydney for Jeffrey’s funeral tomorrow. I am amazed at how much can happen in just one day.

Cheers from a very FULL and grateful Susie ♥♥

“Crisis comes as an instigator of change; it takes you to somewhere new, where you find a higher meaning and purpose.
If you are going to learn and grow, you can’t just be stuck in a particular place. Crisis breaks you out and creates the space for Spirit to teach you.
This breaking away from a place of stagnation, a place of comfort, and moving
forward to a more perfect way is what we call a spiritual life.” ~Sobonfu Some.

“There is no use in trying,” said Alice; “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I
dare say you haven’t had much practice,”said the Queen. “When I was
your age, I always did it for half an hour a day.  Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. ~Lewis Carroll