LOVE TIP – Sunday April 8th, 2012


Been thinking since the last post about the quote –

“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically, on their environment and especially on their children than the un-lived life of the parent.” ~ C.G. Jung

This struck me the minute I read it and it has been bouncing around inside me for days…….”the un-lived life of the parent”…..Such a potent way to put it. It’s got me thinking of so many people having an “un-lived life”……

Question for you: What do you keep putting off, keep stopping yourself from doing, keep putting to the bottom of your ♥To Do List, keep stifling the desire to_________ Telling yourself you haven’t got the time…….. you can’t afford it,……… it has to wait until___________________

Did you see your parents not living their true life -having “an un-lived life”♥ How was that for you♥

Are you telling the truth about what matters to you♥ To yourself. To others.  Are you sharing your authentic reality♥ Are you saying YES when it’s a NO inside or not saying YES when it is♥……….What are the stories you tell yourself♥ How do you stop yourself♥ What is stopping you♥ What do you let get in the way♥

May I entice you to uncover/discover/recover all that is a Yes for you and all that is a No

A question therapists and coaches are often asked is: What do I have to do to value myself, to believe in myself, to accept myself, to be myself♥…….. People live their life believing the LIES that they are inadequate and not good enough………not smart or intelligent enough, not creative or artistic enough, not talented enough, not pretty enough……….


These are all lies that were told to them as children. What were you told♥……… You live the lies in many different ways every time you don’t think you can choose your actions; make your own choices, and not dare to live the life you choose.

MIRRORING PRACTICE: Share about this with someone and have them ♥MIRROR you for a minimum of 5 minutes and then swap. Share about one thing you would love to have a go at doing, either big or small. Share about a new step you will take/are taking.

Let me inspire you and challenge you to expand your perspectives by watching this touching video of motivational speaker Nick Vujicic who lives life passionately and to the fullest despite being  born with tetra-amelia syndrome which is a rare disorder characterised by the absence of both arms and legs……One of his slogans is from Life Without Limbs to LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS ……..He Dreams BIG and one of his messages is “if a man without arms and legs can dream big why can’t we all…”

As Nick says –

It’s a lie to think you are not good enough……

It’s a lie to think that you are not worth anything….”

Well Sweetpies that is a lot to reflect on and toss around in your own inimitable ways…… 

Imagining You creating yourself to be who you UNIQUELY are and excelling at living the Life You want……..

with LOVE and admiration, Susie

“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek therefore, not to find out Who You Are, but seek to determine Who You Want to Be.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch