Monday 13 June, 2011

LOVE - Take as much as you need

Hello to all you special wonderful LOVE-ING BEINGS!
I am delighted to read all the comments from those on the 30 Day Being-Love Campaign and hear of the wonderful breakthroughs you are having! I have been reading them all and have been so pulled to just spend my days hanging out responding back to you all – you fill and touch my heart – I am grateful and FULL! Thank you to those of you offering supporting comments to others. Your LOVE-ING does make a difference. My intention is to respond to all of you personally a minimum of once through these 30 DAYS. Know that I read everything as I am sure others do too and your words and what you are doing matters to me!

And NO I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth as some of you who have posted comments may have wondered seeing I haven‘t responded in the last week or so….AND what I have been up to is being kept busy around the clock refining and streamlining our very new INSTITUTE FOR RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT (IRD) FACEBOOK page so that it works in the most user-friendly way we can get it. I’ve especially wanted to create a space where we as a Being-Love Community and others can interact daily and that it is easy to do. We’ve also created a Blog page on our Facebook page and have posted the 10 most recent blog posts as well so you can access the posts from there!!

Isn’t this all amazing! I love being amazed by technology – maybe its part of being over 60 ….LOL! Mind you it’s also frustrating when I don’t know what to do! Like what’s a

So there I was today sitting out in the beautiful Seattle warming sun washing and sorting some greens and herbs for our yummie morning green smoothie thinking about you all
over the world doing your 30 Day Being-Love projects and I was thinking of ways (technologically) I could easily be connecting in and sending you all a ♥DAILY LOVE TIP and appreciation for the courageous and generous task you have taken on for this month of June.

One of the problems is that some people have signed up on Facebook (and others aren’t on
Facebook) and some via the Blog (and others aren’t subscribed to the Blog)…
I’ve been tossing up which is the medium that will get to everyone in the SMART-est way :O)

The idea that came to me is it would be best to post the ♥ DAILY LOVE TIPs on the 30 Day Being-Love Campaign Event page on our INSTITUTE FOR RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT (IRD) FACEBOOK page. The benefit is that it allows you to have
a better opportunity to interact – you can easily post your comments and people can comment back or just tick like, post your pics, videos, and resources etc, etc, etc…so we can have a much richer interacting community of people supporting each other. Some of you have already visited there and commented and some have posted their photo – those who haven’t please do so we can see the whole stunning team of people – officially there are 35 of you signed up and it is still growing– Fantastic!

So my commitment is to post a ♥ DAILY LOVE TIP there and interact with whoever comes and visits. I started today and here it is as an enticement to go visit there:

DAILY LOVE TIPMonday June 13

“all that is given is given to myself…..” Course of Miracles

How good it feels when we give from a FULL place of LOVE and DELIGHT! Are you
giving from a having a FULL EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNT

What are 3 things that you could do right now that emotionally fill you up♥…..

Emotional Bank Account

Mine are playing a much-loved album of mine – A Hundred Thousand Angels by Bliss; making myself a cup of my favourite tea with a piece of my yummie all raw choc mint cheesecake; and do the Donna Eden Energy Routine. ..I’m actually a Pleasure and DeLIGHT ‘fanatic’ and I have many options on hand to reach for at all times…. Have the best day! ♥♥

Question for you: What are 3 things that you could do right now that emotionally fill you up♥ Are you willing to take a SELF-LOVE break and do them♥

I will still continue to post regular articles on  and you are very much invited to continue to share by posting your updates and comments here. Again let me say how grateful I am to those who have shared with us already. It’s inspiring and encouraging to hear from you – even if it’s about what isn’t working or is triggering you! Keep them coming.


  1. Go to the INSTITUTE FOR RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT FACEBOOK page – and click on ‘LIKE’ at the top of the page that makes you signed up as a Fan of our page. As well as our BEING-LOVE community page and getting our ♥DAILY LOVE TIPS being a Fan means you will be kept up to date with regular TOOLS & information and resources on relationships, articles and our latest information about upcoming workshops and events.
  2. Click on Events in menu
  3. The 30 Day Being-Love Campaign is at the top of the list – Click on Attending if you haven’t already posted your photo.
  4. Click on the 30 Day Being-Love Campaign which opens to our very own page and start reading and interacting!!

Before I end off let me give you a little recommendation – I treated myself and bought two new CD’s yesterday and haven’t had a chance to play the second yet as I am having so much fun and energising happening from the first which I am playing over and over. It is LOVE IS SPACE by Deva Premal – especially love the Om Mani Padme Hum track…it is so enlivening I’m almost dancing across the keyboard as I am writing to you now…..big smiles!

Looking forward to visiting with you on either these pages or the Facebook page soon. HUG and embrace and cover the ones you love with lots of little kisses all over.… Make every moment count! ♥

Hey go give someone a HUG right now – if you aren’t able to give one in person forward this paper hug to them or print it off and leave it on their pillow, fridge, computer, on car windscreen wipers or somewhere obvious for them or make it into a Hug paper plane and fly it to them……..the 30 DAY BEING-LOVE CAMPAIGN is fun…… :O)
Pledge to expand your love even wider –  know you can still join us if you haven’t yet!

I love you all for the LOVE you have brought into my life, gratefully Susie ♥♥


“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
Moulin Rouge, 2001

“My heart has become an ocean, beloved, since you have poured your love into
it.” Hazrat Inayat Khan

“New lovers don’t just find each other,
they were in each other all along.” Rumi, 15th century philosopher.