DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday July 14, 2011

 There’s something so different for me about greeting the day from high up in a plane…..It somehow seems more magnificent! We left Melbourne at 6am and flew the 3 ½ hours through the dark – gratefully getting to sleep across 3 seats as we luckily had a really empty plane – and arrived into the new day just dawning in Perth…..

I take some time to just gaze at the earth far below…….low lying, wispy clouds blanket the Earth in a surreal picture……looking like either a giant spider’s web across the land or like wispy, feathery fairy floss spread over the trees and filling the valleys…..both descriptions seemed equally perfect…..

Question for you: How do you greet the new day♥

Before we know it we land effortlessly…… I always feel a little tug of my heartstrings as we touch ground into Perth – I’m HOME!…..after 3 ½ months away…..feels good! Ahhh, another new beginning……..

Question for you: What is special and significant about HOME for you♥ What do you need to feel at home♥ Who means HOME for you♥

Reflecting and reminiscing, LOVE Susie

“You can build a house with wood and stone, but only LOVE can build a HOME”