DAILY LOVE TIP – Sunday July 31, 2011

The invitation today is to spend this last day of this glorious month of July reflecting on and thinking about and starting to make a list of all the things that are special to you – A list of My ♥favourite things…..the things that touch you, nurture and nourish you, open your Heart and open you to your LOVE-ing, things that remind you of good times and good places, things that delight and excite you….what you are passionate about, any of your favourites………..

 EXERCISE for you:
a) Today start a list of My ♥favourite things………
Have chats about this with your partner and/or friends and family…everyone….
start talking about it with them and ask them to share about their ♥favourite things……..

b) For this splendid new month of August add a minimum of one new thing each day to your List…It can be written on your computer, or in your journal, or start a new
My ♥favourite things book/file/journal/board/collage/box…………..

You can just use words to make your list to get started……Using the alphabet as a structure to fill in is a great way to start moving…….. Making a collage or a Vision Board is another way…..these are great as you will be using more of your right creative brain……

Use just images and photos…….or do a mixture of words and pictures…there’s many options of how to do this…..You can cut images out of magazines or you could take photos of items on your ♥favourite things list if you don’t already have them….. Say for example, one of your ♥favourite things might be going walking on a particular track or path……take a picture of yourself walking on it or of the track……

A list of My ♥favourite things is an important list to have as it is one of the ways to quieten those noisy Inner Critics who often tell us we aren’t good enough…….and that our life ‘sucks’ and we aren’t successful or doing anything that really matters and any other criticising negative messages ………

I am sharing a list below I’ve just gathered together to give you some ideas of what to get started with and to share a bit more of me…….The wondrous thing about doing this apart from dipping into all these different things I love and the great memories it brings forth…… is the more I did it the more kept coming…………..authors, songs, movies, flowers, books, friends, food, all the places we’ve visited and holidays we’ve had………… in fact the fullest detail about most of the points below………and more and more kept popping up……and still are!

I just felt better and better and more and more full and so rich with all these treasures that are a part of who I am….they are all parts of what makes me up…….and contributes to the unique human being that I am! And then hey presto!…..the fuller I am the more I have to give away…..How amazing it is there is so much that makes us up…….so much to be grateful for…..

I am going to daily add to my list over August and I’ll give a little reminder each day for you…..This is a Work In Progress……..watch this space!

Excitedly and with great curiosity as to what I remember and choose and also what you folks will come up with. Your turn to share some now……. LOVE Susie.

……and when I’m feeling bad ….I simply remember my favourite things…..and then I don’t feel so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad………..


  • avocados
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • anais anais perfume
  • aromatherapy
  • Andre Rieu
  • Angel cards
  • Australian bush orchids
  • Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala, India
  • blossoms, blossoms, blossoms…..cherry, plum, apple…..
  • books, books and more books
  • berry cheesecakes – blueberry, raspberry,….any berry – and raw of course :O)
  • bicycling
  • Bali
  • bubble baths – spa baths full of luxurious scented oils for the longest time…..
  • bulbs – daffodils, iris, jonquils, freesias…….
  • brown paper packages tied up with string…….
  • Chloe Goodchild
  • Celine Dion
  • Celtic Women playing in ‘live’ concert at Slane Castle, Ireland
  • cruising the Caribbean
  • clean, crisp, fresh sheets
  • daughters
  • dandelions
  • Deva Premal
  • Drop Dead Fred
  • David Whyte’s poetry
  • Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
  • Enya
  • Fairies
  • far-infrared sauna
  •  Freea 
  • fields of flowers – sunflowers, blue bells, freesias, lavender….
  • flowers of all sorts – violets, pansies, petunias, wisteria……and so many, many more
  • ♥friends and family
  • fabrics – velvets, silks, satin……..
  • 4 year olds
  • ♥GEM – my Wise Inner Bear
  • 3G’s – being Grateful, Generous & Gracious
  • Goddess Psyche who risked all for LOVE and won
  • ginger
  • giggles & chuckles & laughter
  • Guess How Much I LOVE you

    guess how much I love you….


  • holidays
  • HUGS
  • Hyundai i35 – my new red one – yay!
  • Jodi Picoult
  • Julia Roberts
  • John Denver
  • Klimt
  • kale chips
  • Kris Radish books
  • LOVE
  • lavender
  • lemon scented gum trees
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • laptop
  • Le Louvre
  • Lululemon
  • Lucinda Drayton – “A Hundred Thousand Angels”
  • Mary Oliver
  • Mr Happy Face
  • miniatures
  • massage
  • Mt Rainier
  • Motto clothes in Melbourne
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • nuts
  • nurturing and nourishment
  • Oprah
  • Ocean
  • organic food…especially fresh out of my garden – parsley, tomatoes, peas, corn, broccoli, mint…………
  • poetry & poets…soooooo many
  • photo albums
  • Pre-Raphaelite paintings especially Waterhouse
  • Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss in the Louvre, Paris
  • quotes
  • Rumi
  • River Dance and Michael Flatley in Dublin
  • Richard Gere
  • raw food
  • raw food dessert mandalas
  • raindrops on roses…….
  • rainbows
  • romance….romantic movies, novels, stories, quotes
  • roses – the highly scented garden type, dog roses 
  • Sophie – my inner child doll
  • SARK

    a SARK ♥hug....

  • silk scarves
  • scented flowers – jasmine, honeysuckle, freesias, frangipani, roses again……..
  • sunshine on my shoulders
  • swinging
  • singing
  • Shelton
  • Sunshine Coast – Queensland
  • sisters – both birth sisters and soul sisters
  • snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Samudra
  • Sarah Ban Breathnach
  • Susie’s Heart Path

    walk the ♥Heart Path......

  • the first sense of spring
  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • ‘The Kiss’ by French sculptor Auguste Rodin
  • ‘The Kiss’ painted by Gustav Klimt
  • trees
  • tiled, heated couches in the spa on cruise ships
  • the word ‘tender’
  • travelling – Paris, Austria, America…… all around the world
  • Titanic movie
  • teddy bears
  • TOOLBOX for communication
  • Thermomix
  • thesaurus
  • Thrive in Seattle
  • winnie the pooh
  • wattle trees in flower
  • Walter Rinder
  • walking in the bush
  • warm fuzzies
  • Zoe
  • ZNZ – Zero Negativity Zone