DAILY LOVE TIPThursday October 20, 2011

Hello ♥Friends,

Today is focus on A ♥Friend day………here’s a list of things that someone made up that they see are important in A Friend….. 

[with thanks to Michael again for the beautiful calligraphy – www.michaelnoyes.com ]


Accepts you as you are. Believes in you. Calls you just to say, Hi! Doesn’t give up on you. Envisions the whole of you, even the unfinished parts. Forgives your mistakes. Gives unconditionally. Helps you. Invites you over Just to be with you. Keeps you close at heart. Loves you for who you are. Makes a difference in your life. Never judges. Offers support. Picks you up. Quiets your fears. Raises your spirits. Says nice things about you. Tells you the truth when you need to hear it. Understands you. Values you. Walks beside you. Xplains things you don’t understand. Yells when you don’t listen. And Zaps you back to reality.

Question for you: what sort of  ♥Friend are you♥ Which of these actions are important to you in being a ♥Friend and in having a ♥Friend…..are there any of these that you have been missing either receiving OR giving……Choose a ♥Friend and share about this… 


Share with A ♥Friend right now by finishing this sentence –
One thing I ♥LOVE about you is______________________

Let us know how you went………..

With Thanks to Friends who have accepted me, believed in me and kept me close at heart, LOVE and BLESSINGS, SUSIE.